U.S. military intelligence says the rioting was stopped only after over a thousand armed looters were shot.  In addition, U.S. and Russian Special Forces teams went around hunting down and killing the financiers and Khazarian agents stoking the flames.  Also, on June 5th U.S. military White Hats found and disarmed three nuclear devices, seized countless pipe-bombs, and arrested two snipers,” according to NSA sources.
For those of you who still think that U.S. President Donald Trump is responsible for the rescue of the Republic of the United States of America, please remember that as a businessman he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt.  This is a matter of public record.  Also, his son in law is the Satanic 666 5th Avenue Jared Kushner who has been trying to mark of the beast microchip everybody.  Please check the facts for yourself.
In any case, Trump’s attempt to use the military to shoot down civilians caused a long overdue Pentagon revolt against his rule.  “The 11 retired 4-stars who criticized Trump for using the military to suppress protests,” were retaking the Trump presidency, Pentagon sources say.  “Led by Generals James Mattis and John Kelly with former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairmen Mike Mullen and Marty Dempsey these onward Christian soldiers are declaring jihad against the Zionists and raising their profile at a critical time prior to the global currency reset,” the sources add.
General Kelly also uncharacteristically went public to say:
“There is a concern, I think an awful big concern, that the partisanship has gotten out of hand, the tribal thing has gotten out of hand…I think we should look at people that are running for office and put them through the filter: What is their character like? What are their ethics?”

Translation: neither Trump nor Joe Biden is fit to be the next president.  CIA sources, for their part, are saying the trigger for the recent chaos really was…
the murder of George Floyd.
“George Floyd was a hit.  [His killer] Derek Chauvin was controlled by dirty PD & organized crime involved in sex-trafficking.  Young girls/teens were being sold.  The club where Floyd & Chauvin worked was cover.  Floyd tried to get out.  He talked.  Chauvin is already dead.  This is why they burned the club and the cop shop.”
So according to these sources, his death was real and not a staged psy-op as many believe.  In any case, paid Antifa=Al Qaeda=ISIS agents used the death as the trigger for their planned insurrection, CIA sources say.  As a part of this, they began releasing hardened criminals onto the street and paying them to cause mayhem.  “Every single one of the St. Louis looters and rioters arrested was released back onto the streets by local prosecutor Kim Gardner,” the CIA sources note.
NSA sources add the electromagnetic wavelengths that are known to agitate people were pumped last week through TV stations, especially those with large African American audiences.
The military White Hats were able to turn this situation around by June 6th.  So that in the end “black lives matter” protests on four continents, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia may have led to real police reform,” pentagon sources say.  “Now the city, county, state, and national policy changes are banning Israeli knee-on-neck training of local and federal law enforcement,” they say.  Furthermore, they add, the pentagon has been banned from donating surplus military equipment to police departments.
Also, Palestinian lives matter protests in Israel and the U.S. are setting the ground for economic sanctions and war crimes prosecutions against Israeli criminals like Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the sources say.  Israel will be forced “not just to cancel annexation [of the West Bank] but to end the occupation and apartheid,” the pentagon sources promise.
As his Zionist controllers implode, Trump seems to be increasingly losing touch with reality.  Last week he tweeted “I built the greatest economy in the World, the best the U.S. has ever had.  I am doing it again! Wow!  96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party (and I believe this was before the “GREAT” Jobs Numbers yesterday).  Thank you!”
Somebody should tell Trump that resorting to fake economic news is not going to change reality.  It turns out the “GREAT” May jobs numbers were fake. https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/The-May-jobs-report-had-misclassification-error-15320999.php
And, in this “greatest economy in the world” one in four Americans (26%) say they or someone in their household have skipped meals or relied on charity or government food programs since February.  Also, three in ten adults (31%) say they have fallen behind in paying bills or had problems affording household expenses like food or health insurance coverage.  A second American revolution is needed. https://www.kff.org/report-section/kff-health-tracking-poll-may-2020-health-and-economic-impacts/
The reality Mr. Trump is the situation has degenerated to the point that 80% of Americans feel the country is spinning out of control, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. https://www.wsj.com/articles/americans-are-more-troubled-by-police-actions-in-killing-of-george-floyd-than-by-violence-at-protests-poll-finds-11591534801
Speaking about reality, doctors are finally starting to tell the truth about the so-called coronavirus.  It is now clear nobody is dying from this so-called virus. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/enraged-italians-abandon-masks-denounce-pandemic-scam
Even experts like the UK Statistics Authority chairman Sir David Norgrove say the government’s daily coronavirus testing figures are “far from complete and comprehensible.” Translation: They are BS and gobbledygook. https://www.statisticsauthority.gov.uk/correspondence/sir-david-norgrove-response-to-matt-hancock-regarding-the-governments-covid-19-testing-data/
It has been brought to my attention that Google has been taking down u-tube posts (including some by this writer) presenting evidence the entire coronavirus scam is a psy-op.  Google says it will only allow information about the coronavirus that is approved by the Center for Disease Control.  The CDC is a criminal organization.  We will not deep dive into that here but if you search the term “CDC scandal” you will find over 5 million links that detail the long, criminal history of the CDC.  The fact that Google is censoring on their behalf makes them criminally liable as well.  Remember, President Trump signed an executive order on May 28th that makes Google legally liable for censorship and misinformation. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-preventing-online-censorship/
Google has also for years enabled rampant, systematic piracy of this website.  They have further systematically and deliberately distorted web searches related to independent journalists, including this writer.  We know that 50 state attorney generals and the Department of Justice are investigating Google.
The EU is also taking action.  EU anti-monopolies chief Margrethe Vestager says:
“The need in Europe for tighter rules on U.S. internet giants has become ‘urgent,’… We want competition, but we want democracy, and we reject the negative consequences of unregulated capitalism.” https://www.dw.com/en/eu-calls-for-greater-regulation-of-us-tech-companies/a-53717205
If the authorities fail to bring them to justice, the White Dragon Society will hunt down and kill the top ten shareholders and executives of Google and other disinformation monopolies.
Speaking about disinformation, let us talk about Elon Musk and his so-called space exploration.  The video below, taken from a SpaceX official release, shows there is a MOUSE (as in the animal) visible in space during the NASA SpaceX Dragon Launch.  It looks like Musk is going to go to jail for fraud soon.  It reminds me of what Paul Laine from the Defense Intelligence Agency once told me: “NASA stands for Not A Space Agency.”
It is important to get to the bottom of what NASA is really up to because there are signs they are planning to use “asteroids,” to trigger Electromagnetic Pulse incidents next.  This could wreak havoc with the internet and telecommunications worldwide. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/pandemic-economic-crash-social-unrest-and-now-four-asteroids
In any case, all this turmoil surrounding the West is distracting world attention away from important news happening elsewhere.  For example, WDS sources in South East Asia report:
“There is no food in Cambodia.  The border is closed between Thailand in Cambodia therefore no food is allowed to cross the border to Cambodia.  The Cambodian side (Hun Sen) stopped border crossing to starve and kill people.  We have to stop the law on Covid-19.  This is very serious.  It is genocide again against the Cambodian people.”
Also, the Amazon is also being destroyed at an accelerating pace while its native inhabitants are being persecuted, multiple media reports note.  The Khoi San people in South Africa are also under attack, Khoi San representatives say.  All of this needs to be dealt with.
Enough of the bad news, now let us look at a couple of good news items.  One is that solar power is now by far the cheapest source of energy on the planet as prices have fallen by 82% since 2010. https://www.pv-magazine.com/2020/06/03/solar-costs-have-fallen-82-since-2010/
Finally, there is a meeting scheduled this week between representatives of Eastern and Western secret societies aimed at finalizing the global currency reset.  If the meeting goes well, virtually unlimited funding will be made available for ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and promoting human colonization of the universe.  However, there is unlikely to be any immediate announcement even if an agreement is reached.  That is because a lot of technical work will be needed to turn an agreement in principle into reality on the ground.  Remember, the real goal is not to “get” the bad guys but to save the planet and start a new age.