What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

That history is being repeated today in a mass grooming of the Western world’s people (especially Americans) in preparation for World War IIIwhich I believe is now imminent



Monday, October 31, 2016

English -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 31:10:2016 -- FULL REPORT

The message for the Khazarian mafia is trick or treat surrender or die

October 31, 2016
Author: Benjamin Fulford

It is time to get out the pitchforks and guns folks and storm the palaces of the Khazarian mafia’s top gangsters. This has been confirmed in a letter many sources confirm that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford sent to every member of the US military. In the letter Dunford says: “Every service member swears ‘to support and defend the Constitution of the United States’ and to ‘bear true faith and allegiance to the same.’”
This is a direct order from your top general to defend the constitution. What does the constitution say? It says “The Congress shall have Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin,” and to “provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.” In other words you are obliged by your Constitutional Oath to go after the Federal Reserve Board and the crime families that own it and have been forging so-called US dollars ever since 1913. Furthermore, you must confiscate the vast amounts of property belonging to US citizens that these crime families have stolen.
In his letter Dunford also mentions “our deliberate and disciplined commitment to upholding the principle of civilian control of the military.” Since elections are being stolen and have been since at least the year 2000 that means civilians are no longer in charge so General Dunford is ordering you to go to Washington DC and force the return to civilian control of the government. That means restoring genuine democracy and freedom of the press so that an informed population can choose their own government. This government the military would then serve.
The people, government and armed forces of Canada stand by to help their American brothers and sisters in any way possible to free them from Khazarian gangster control.
West Coast high-tech oligarchs like Bill Gates, the owners of Apple Computer and Larry Ellison of Oracle Computer, people who got rich by actually creating things that make our lives better and not through fraud, have told the White Dragon Society they will support the move to take down the Khazarian mafia.
Hillary Clinton has already sent $1.8 billion to Qatar and plans to flee there soon, CIA sources say. However, neither she nor and other members of her crime family will be allowed to escape, the sources say.
This is what Pentagon sources have to say about the situation: “The Hillary silent coup has been defeated by a military counter-coup with [Republican Presidential Candidate Donald] Trump the broom and Wikileaks the instrument, backed by overwhelming lethal force and NSA spying.”
NSA sources confirm that Hillary Clinton is guilty of mass murder (Haiti, Fukushima, Libya, Syria etc.) and that she and her fellow gangsters must be stopped.
Speaking about the NSA, last week they requested me to leave my cell phone and credit cards behind and go meet with gnostic Illuminati representative “Alexander Romanov” at a secure spot so that I could get secret information. The NSA knows that nothing digital is safe and that is why the important stuff is transmitted in one on one personal meetings. The message the NSA had was that Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama all take their orders directly from Baron Evelyn de Rothschild. CIA sources confirmed this.
Russian WDS members have also confirmed that Vladimir Putin, who is a fake, gets his orders from the Rothschilds.
Recently the internet has been sanitized and all the pictures of the so-called Vladimir Putin over the years have been fixed to make them look identical. However, if you go to a paper archive of photographs and compare them over the years you can confirm the original Putin died a long time ago and that there are or have been six different “Putins.”
The Russian sources also provided this bombshell information:
“The Russian Federation is the Rothschild’s’ Private Corporation, which was registered at the City of London in 1991 with the DUNS Number 531 298 725. The Director of this Private Rothschild Corporation is Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich. The true name of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation is not Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich, but Menachem Aaranovitch Mendel.” The Russian sources say Menachem Aaranovitch Mendel is a Khazarian Jew.
The Russians sources say that over 7000 Russian military officers and patriotic associations have been given this information. The Russians also know the so-called President Putin has been going along with the partition of Russia and are saying that soon “The Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians will unite again in one single and very powerful state.” 
As we know the UNITED STATES of AMERICA Inc. is a private Rothschild foreign corporation registered at 10687 Gasking Way STE 101, Manassas, VA 20109. Other Rothschild corporations with a DUNS number include the United Nations and the European Commission.
As Neil Keenan reported, Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen, Bank of England head Marc Carney and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak are currently trying to use certificates forged by Wilfredo Saurin to pretend there is a million tons of gold backing them.
They then intend to use this fraud to create $41 trillion of “money” to finance a massive global bribery campaign designed to keep their family in power, WDS sources say. 
Chinese government sources are also saying the Rothschilds are trying hard to convince China to start a war against the US military in the South China Sea. That is because the Rothschilds desperately need to start a world war to stave off the ongoing revolution in the United States against their rule.
The NSA sources confirm this. They also informed me that the raid by 9 goons on this writer’s house last week was ordered by Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who in turn was ordered by Chinese President Xi Jinping who in turn was ordered by Evelyn de Rothschild. This writer has received an apology and has forced the Rothschilds to end their harassment.
The fact that Abe, who was leading the anti-China campaign in Japan a couple of years ago and is now suddenly bowing down and licking Chinese feet is a clear sign he is nothing more than a Rothschild puppet. The Rothschilds are telling the Chinese anything they want to hear in a desperate attempt to get Chinese protection from the US military and agencies who are now on the warpath against them.
The Chinese had a series of important meetings last week in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Peking where it was decided China wanted world peace and friendship and would not go along with any plans to start a world war, various Chinese sources confirm.
The Chinese have also been asked to buy a disposable analogue camera (digital cameras have GPS) and take a picture of one of their gold hoards with a recent newspaper in front of it to confirm the gold exists, So far, they have been unable to. 
If the gold does not exist, then there will be a need to use commodities, real estate and other things that actually exist to back currency.
The carbon voting rights in the Paris Accord reached last year and soon to be ratified, which give China a bigger share than the US, seem fair and could be used as a basis for decisions on how currency will be created and used in the future. In other words, a much fairer system for deciding what humanity will do in the future is ready to be ratified and put in place.
The Japanese royal family, the US military and the Chinese military, among many others, have also expressed support for creating a meritocratically staffed future planning agency to come up with plans for turning this planet into a paradise for humans and all other living creatures.
Meanwhile, my webmaster, who was hit with a cancer causing poison is now being cured using the latest natural healing methods. Since this was a personal attack on someone close to me, there will be a counter-attack. This means the heads of Keio University Hospital, the Japanese Medical Association and the American Medical Association will be arrested and be forced to rat out their Rockefeller bosses.
Make no mistake, cancer did not exist until the Rockefellers and their fellow Khazarians started putting cancer causing substances in various daily products. 
Studies of thousands of Egyptian mummies confirm that cancer did not used to exist. A century ago in the US, before the Rockefellers took over the medical establishment, only one out of 20 people got cancer. Now it is one in two. 
Furthermore, the Medical Mafia murders millions of people with poisons and radiation every year as part of their fake war on cancer. This means that practically everybody reading this has had a close family member murdered by the Khazarian mob.
Honest cancer doctors tell their patients that they are not allowed, on pain of losing their medical license and career, to naturally cure cancer and tell their patients to seek treatment elsewhere.
That is why the US military and agencies must raid the medical associations, put an end to this murder by poison and radiation racket and arrest the ringleaders.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Français -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 24:10:2016

le 24 octobre 2016

Il y a de sérieuses bataillent qui se poursuivent alors que les militaires de 43 pays différents entament un démantèlement coordonné de la mafia khazar, selon des sources du Pentagone. Entre temps, une source de l’une des familles actionnaire au Conseil d’administration de la Banque la Réserve Fédérale affirme que tous les « blocages » que nous subissons aux Etats-Unis sont dus aux familles criminelles Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller. On nous dit qu’ils ont menacé de tuer « toute la famille » à QUICONQUE s’aviserait de débloquer ou de profiter de l’argent provenant de la Réévaluation des devises de l’encaissement des obligations à échéance, ou de l’échange de fonds en devises ».

La bataille est devenue une affaire personnelle pour moi aussi. Ce matin 9 gorilles du service des impôts de Tokyo ont fait irruption dans ma maison et ont commencé à saisir mes biens. Ils travaillent pour Yuriko Koike, le gouverneur de Tokyo l’acolyte de la Mafia khazar qui a été élu récemment grâce à une fraude électorale. Tout l’argent de mon compte en banque, y compris celui que je gagne grâce à mon blog, a également été saisi. Quiconque entretenant des relations même lointaines avec moi fait également l’objet d’un harcèlement semblable y compris des avocats lanceurs d’alerte qui ont vu leurs licences révoquées. Des gangsters des deux factions du syndicat yakuza du Yamaguchi Gumi m’ont également informé que l’agent des Rothschild au Japon, Michael Greenberg, essaie de recruter un tueur à gage pour m’assassiner. Mon gestionnaire de site web s’est vu inoculer un poison provoquant un cancer, via ces mêmes gangsters meurtriers.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Detenciones masivas y ejecuciones extrajudiciales en progreso como parte de derribo del cabal

Octubre 24, 2016

Dicen fuentes del Pentágono que está teniendo lugar una seria lucha contra en la que 43 ejércitos nacionales diferentes comienzan un derribo coordinado de la mafia jázara. Mientras tanto, una fuente de una de las familias que posee la Junta de la Reserva Federal dice que todas las cuentas “que están experimentando bloqueos en EEUU son debidos a las familias criminales Bush / Clinton, la de los Rothchilds y la de los Rockefeller. Nos dijeron que ellos emitieron una amenaza firme de que la ‘familia entera’ matarían a cualquiera que libera o recibe cualquiera de los RV (Relative Value, un tipo de fondos más seguros de lo normal), reenbolso de bonos o fondos de inversión internacionales“.
La lucha también se está poniendo personal para este escritor. Esta mañana 9 matones de la oficina de Impuestos de Tokio irrumpieron en mi casa y comenzaron a apoderarse de la propiedad. Trabajan para Yuriko Koike, el gobernador de Tokio y títere de la mafia jázara que fue elegido de manera fraudulenta recientemente. Me han confiscado todo el dinero en mis cuentas bancarias, incluida la que lleva los ingresos por este blog. Cualquier persona con una conexión conmigo, incluso remota, está siendo sometido a un acoso similar, incluyendo abogados denunciantes que ven sus licencias para ejercer la abogacía revocada. Los gangsters de ambas facciones del sindicato yakuza Yamaguchi Gumi también me han informado de que el agente de Rothschild en Japón, Michael Greenberg, está tratando de contratar sicarios para que me maten. Mi webmaster también ha sido atacado con un veneno que causa cáncer por estos mismos mafiosos asesinos.


24 oktober 2016
Er is een serieus gevecht gaande terwijl 43 verschillende nationale legers een gecoördineerde omverwerping van de Khazariaanse maffia beginnen, zeggen Pentagonbronnen. Ondertussen, beweert een bron in een van de families die de Federale Reserve Raad bezitten dat alle “blokkeringen van fondsen die we in de VS ervaren te wijten zijn aan de Bush/Clinton/Rothschilds en Rockefeller misdaadfamilies. Er werd ons verteld dat ze een ernstige bedreiging hebben geuit dat de ‘gehele familie’ van IEDEREEN wordt vermoord die ook maar een van de RV, afkoop obligaties of valuta beursfondsen vrijgeeft of ontvangt.”

Het gevecht wordt ook persoonlijk voor deze schrijver. Deze ochtend kwamen er 9 uilskuikens van het Tokyo Belasting kantoor mijn huis binnen vallen en begonnen ze bezittingen in te pakken. Ze werken voor Yuriko Koike, de Gouverneur van Tokyo en Khazariaans maffia knechtje wie recentelijk op frauduleuze wijze werd gekozen. Al het geld op mijn bankrekeningen, inclusief dat wat ik met deze blog verdien, werd ook in beslag genomen. Iedereen met zelfs een oppervlakkige binding met mij werd onderworpen aan gelijksoortige pesterijen inclusief advocaten bij wie hun vergunning werd ingetrokken. Gangsters van beide facties van het Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza syndicaat hebben me ook er over geïnformeerd dat de Japanse agent van de Rotschild Michael Greenberg probeert huurmoordenaars in te huren om me te vermoorden. Mijn webmaster werd geraakt door een kankerverwekkend vergif door dezelfde moordlustige gangsters.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Massen-Arreste und rechtsfreie Tötungen gehen weiter, als Teil des Abbaus der Kabale

October 24, 2016

Es gibt blutige Kämpfe, während das Militär von 43 verschiedenen Nationen beginnt, Schritte zum Abbau der Khasarischen Mafia zu koordinieren, sagen Pentagon-Quellen. Eine Quelle von einer der Familien, die die Federal-Reserve-Banken besitzen, sagte inzwischen, dass "die Blockade sämtlicher Fonds, die wir in den USA erleben, den Bush-Clinton-Rothschild-Rockefeller-Verbrecher-Familien anzulasten ist. Uns wurde gesagt, sie gaben eine harsche Drohung, dass die ganze Familie getötet würde, falls irgend jemand etwas einlöst oder ausgibt hinsichtlich der Währungs-Neubewertung (RV), Rücknahme-Anleihen, oder der Fonds zum Austausch der Währung."

Der Kampf betrifft diesen Autor auch persönlich. Heute Vormittag platzten 9 Typen vom Tokyoter Steuer-Büro in meine Wohnung und begannen, meinen Besitz zu beschlagnahmen. Sie arbeiten für Yuriko Koike, die Bürgermeisterin Tokyos und Kabale-Lakai, die vor kurzem auf betrügerische Weise gewählt worden war. Alles Geld auf meinen Bank-Konten, einschließlich der Einnahme aus diesem Blog, wurde auch beschlagnahmt. Jeder, der auch nur eine entfernte Verbindung zu mir hat, wird auf ähnliche Weise belästigt, auch Whistleblower-Anwälte, deren Anwalts-Lizenzen eingezogen wurden. Gangster aus beiden Fraktionen des Yamaguchi-Gumi-Yakuza-Gangster-Syndikats informierten mich zudem, dass der Japanische Rothschild-Agent Michael Greenberg versucht, Killer anzuheuern, die mich ermorden sollen. Auch wurde mein Webmaster von denselben mörderischen Gangstern mit einem Gift getroffen, das Krebs verursacht.

Mandarin -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 24:10:2016

There is serious fighting going on as 43 different national militaries begin a coordinated take-down of the Khazarian mafia, Pentagon sources say. Meanwhile, a source in one of the families that owns the Federal Reserve Board says that all fund “blockages we are experiencing in the USA are due to the Bush/Clinton & Rothchilds & Rockefeller crime families. We were told that they issued a firm threat that the ‘entire family’ would be killed of ANYONE who releases or receives any of the RV, redemption bonds or currency exchanges funds.”

The fight is also getting personal for this writer. This morning 9 goons from the Tokyo Tax office burst into my home and began seizing property. They work for Yuriko Koike, the Tokyo Governor and Khazarian mafia stooge who was fraudulently elected recently. All the money in my bank accounts, including that earned from this blog, has also been seized. Anybody with even a remote connection to me is being subjected to similar harassment including whistleblowing lawyers having their law licenses revoked. Gangsters from both factions of the Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza syndicate have also informed me that Rothschild Japan agent Michael Greenberg is trying to hire hitmen to have me killed. My webmaster has also been hit with a cancer causing poison by these same murderous gangsters.

Hrvatski -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 24:10:2016

Masovna uhićenja i ubojstva bez suđenja odvijaju se kao dio uklanjanja kabale

24. lipnja 2016.

Autor: Benjamin Fulford

Odvija se ozbiljna borba jer su 43 razne jedinice vojske započele koordinirano uklanjanje kazarske mafije, kažu Pentagonovi izvori. U međuvremenu, izvor iz jedne obitelji koja posjeduje Odbor Federalnih Rezervi kaže da "Blokade (sredstava) koje smo doživjeli u SAD-u su zbog Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller zločinačke obitelji. Rečeno nam je da su izdali čvrstu prijetnju da će "cijela obitelj" biti ubijena ako netko izda ili primi bilo koji RV, obveznice ili tečajne liste valutnih sredstava."

Borba također postaje osobna za ovog pisca. Jutros je 9 gorila iz tokijske Porezne uprave provalilo u moju kuću i počeli su plijeniti imovinu. Oni rade za Yuriko Koike, tokijskog guvernera i marionetu kazarske mafije koji je nedavno izabran putem prijevare.  Sav novac na mojim bankovnim računima, uključujući i onaj zarađen na ovom blogu, također je zaplijenjen. Bilo tko, čak i oni koji su davno imali veze sa mnom bili su podvrgnuti sličnom zlostavljanju, uključujući i odvjetnike zviždače kojima su opozvali njihove radne licence. Gangsteri iz obje frakcije Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza sindikata također su me informirali da Rotschildov japanski agent Michael Greenberg pokušava angažirati ubojicu da me ubije. Moj web administrator također je bio pogođen rakom koji uzrokuje otrov od tih istih gangstera ubojica.


Mass arrests and extrajudicial killings going on aspart of cabal takedown 

October 24, 2016

There is serious fighting going on as 43 different national militaries begin a coordinated take-down of the Khazarian mafia, Pentagon sources say. Meanwhile, a source in one of the families that owns the Federal Reserve Board says that all fund “blockages we are experiencing in the USA are due to the Bush/Clinton & Rothchilds & Rockefeller crime families. We were told that they issued a firm threat that the ‘entire family’ would be killed of ANYONE who releases or receives any of the RV, redemption bonds or currency exchanges funds.”

The fight is also getting personal for this writer. This morning 9 goons from the Tokyo Tax office burst into my home and began seizing property. They work for Yuriko Koike, the Tokyo Governor and Khazarian mafia stooge who was fraudulently elected recently. All the money in my bank accounts, including that earned from this blog, has also been seized. Anybody with even a remote connection to me is being subjected to similar harassment including whistleblowing lawyers having their law licenses revoked. Gangsters from both factions of the Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza syndicate have also informed me that Rothschild Japan agent Michael Greenberg is trying to hire hitmen to have me killed. My webmaster has also been hit with a cancer causing poison by these same murderous gangsters.

The reason for this is because this blog has exposed the Khazarian mafia’s crimes, especially their privately owned central bank fraud scheme.

There have also been at least 3 honey traps (beautiful women who unnaturally try to make themselves available to me) sent my way in the past week. Other honest journalists and whistleblowers are experiencing similar things and the best advice is to avoid regular hang outs and new friends until this all blows over, presumably by November 8th.

The battle is expected to intensify over the coming two weeks as the US Presidential election approaches. Here NSA and other agency whistleblowers have revealed that Hillary Clinton (or whatever look-alike or clone who is pretending to be her) reports to Evelyn de Rothschild. Donald Trump, for his part, reports to Israeli gangster Roy Cohen, according to CIA and NSA sources. “I would rather have the Israeli Mafia in power than the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller crime family,” was how one (Jewish) CIA source described the Presidential election battle.

In either case, the fact the US government is threatening to arrest Russian diplomats if they try to verify the upcoming election is free and fair is a clear indication the whole election campaign is a giant fraud.

In any case, Pentagon sources keep saying it will be none of the above. Head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford met with Korean and Japanese top military brass on October 14th and the military chiefs of 43 nations on October 17th to discuss “the final takedown of the cabal on all continents,” Pentagon sources says. This is how Pentagon sources describe the situation: “The Cabal sealed their fate with multiple assassination attempts on Dunford, which in turn sped up mass arrests, extrajudicials, GCR [Global Currency Reset] and a new financial system based on gold priced in Shanghai.”

Now that the Chinese Yuan is in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket, the next step will be to incorporate the Iran Rial as a part of the SDR and as currency for the Middle-East while the Zimbabwe Dollar will join the SDR as a currency for Africa, the Pentagon sources say.

Once the Khazarian mafia loses their magic money machine, the last of the mercenary armies and assassins still in their employ will have no choice to surrender or retire.

There are now moves afoot as well to take away the Khazarian mafia’s control of the corporate media, especially in the United States. That is why AT&T is being allowed to buy Time Warner after Comcast was blocked from buying it, the Pentagon sources say. The US Khazarian mafia is using both Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to try to block the merger, the sources say. However, “The merger might still get approved because what is not good for the Jewish mafia is good for America,” the Pentagon source said. Certainly the corporate media in the United States is now so degenerate and full of lies that new ownership, and anti-trust action, is definitely needed if people are to once again hear the truth on so-called mainstream media.

There is also a huge information war raging around Wikileaks and Julian Assange these days that is probably part of a sophisticated take-down of Khazarian cabal disinformation. Wikileaks and Assange have always been part of a Khazarian mob disinformation scam as can be seen by their shady track record and widespread positive coverage in corporate media propaganda rags like Time Magazine. For a good background on this, please read the article at this link:

What is very clear though is that the recent data dumps blamed on Wikileaks are now appear the real deal but they are not coming from either Assange or Wikileaks but instead from insiders at the NSA and the agencies. Now the “death” of Juliane Assange (real or fake) and of Wikileaks Director Gaven MacFaden is being linked to the Hillary Clinton campaign. This seems to be a clever two birds with one stone strategy to get rid of fake whistleblowers and place the blame on the Bush/Clinton mob at the same time.

There are also continued moves being made against the Khazarian mafia occupied state of Israel. This is how the Pentagon describes the situation: “Israel has lost so many submarines since 2013 it is trying to buy 3 more from Germany, but it is being put back into its sandbox with Russian bases not just in Syria but Cyprus and Egypt.” The source continues by saying “Israeli subs make good anti-sub warfare (asw) training and no matter how many it buys they will not be allowed to launch nukes.”

In Khazarian mafia occupied Japan too, a takedown is continuing. One source close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that 300 Khazarian mobsters in Japan have been rounded up and taken to a US military base. This may be disinformation but we can confirm that Mark Schwartz, Chairman of Goldman Sachs’ Asia Pacific region, announced his resignation last week. Goldman Sachs has led the looting of Japan’s government pension funds, postal savings, agricultural bank etc. under the regime of their slave Shinzo Abe.

Japanese rightwing sources, for their part say that Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party is now “waving the surrender flag,” and has given up resistance. They say Tokyo Governor Koike is actually one of the good guys and that the raid on my house took place without her knowledge or consent.

However, it is clear there are still many bad guys who need to be rounded up in Japan. CIA sources in Asia say:

“The Japanese government is illegally detaining 15 US Military operatives who were stationed in Afghanistan and, are now being held in prison in Japan. They are not on a US military base, but at a black site. This was done at the request of the cabal, because these 15 soldiers were going to tell the world about the US government’s involvement and control of the opium trade In Afghanistan for the past 13 plus years.”

For Japan to do this violates the Geneva Convention as well as UN rules. The UN of course, is still a Khazarian mafia tool but, hopefully, not for much longer.

The latest Afghan opium crop is up 43% from a year ago, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime so clearly the Bush drug dealing branch of the Khazarian mafia is trying hard to make up for lost oil revenue and lost cocaine and marijuana (thanks to legalization) revenue by selling more opium and heroin.

It is also clear from the information about the arrests of US military officers that some of that money is going into pay-offs to elements of the Japanese government. Presumably this is the Abe-linked North Korean Unification Church faction that has long been supplying the Bush mob with amphetamines.

In Thailand meanwhile, the playboy Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn is “too close to Bush agent Thaksin [Shinawatra], too distant from the people, and may be honey trapped by the Chinese, so even if he ascends, lese majeste may not be enforced and he would be living in a gilded cage and could be terminated at any time with blood transfusions.” In other words, the Khazarians are not going to get their hands on the Thai royal gold via the Crown Prince.

In closing this week, we ask anybody who is in a position to take action against the Khazarian mafia cabal to do so. This will be especially important during the next two weeks as they try to impose yet another fake government on the American people and continue their efforts to start World War 3. On that front the White Dragon Society has given Abe and his henchmen until October 31st to resign if they wish to avoid life-long prison sentences.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Hillary Clinton passe en mode furtif alors que le démantèlement de la Cabale se poursuit malgré de vaines menaces de guerre nucléaire

le  17 octobre, 2016

Il est évident que les évènements mondiaux se rapprochent d’un tournant décisif dans les semaines à venir comme on peut le constater par certains évènements dans les principaux médias d’information et dans les cercles secrets. Deux puissantes factions rivales cherchent à récupérer le pouvoir mondial, et entrent dans la phase finale de leur combat titanesque pour le contrôle du système financier et donc du processus de décision de ce que sera le futur de l’humanité.

Le résultat prévisible est la défaite de la cabale mafieuse Khazar qui a secrètement contrôlé le pouvoir mondial depuis au moins 1913 et celui de l’Occident probablement depuis des milliers d’années. Dans les journaux d’information et en public vous pouvez voir, par exemple que la candidate du Parti Démocrate à la présidence et dirigeante de la Mafia khazar, Hillary Clinton, a annulé toutes ses apparitions publiques de la campagne présidentielle à part le débat télévisé prévu (qui pourrait être annulé aussi) avec le candidat du Parti Républicain Donald Trump.

Ce genre de chose ne s’est jamais produit dans l’histoire des élections présidentielles Américaines et vient conforter les affirmations de la CIA que les élections américaines seront annulées.

Cependant, il est évident qu’une lutte de pouvoir fait rage à l’intérieur des Etats-Unis, selon des sources d’une faction, laquelle prétend que l’élection sera annulée parce qu’un des candidats (Hillary) va faire défection. Des sources de la CIA liées à cette faction affirment toujours que l’élection sera annulée, que le Président Obama va démissionner et qu’ensuite le Vice-président Joe Biden va prendre sa place avant d’être rapidement remplacé à son tour par le candidat à la Vice-présidence d’Hillary, Tim Kaine.

Nederlands -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 17:10:2016

 Hillary Clinton verbergt zich terwijl de ontmanteling van de cabal verder gaat ondanks loze bedreigingen voor nucleaire oorlog

17 oktober 2016
Wereldgebeurtenissen gaan duidelijk in de richting van grote verandering in de komende weken wat gezien kan worden in vele gebeurtenissen die in het nieuws verschijnen en gebeurtenissen in de geheime wereld. Wat er gaande is, is dat twee enorme rivaliserende facties wedijveren voor de controle van de wereldmacht en de laatste ronde in gaan van hun titanenstrijd om het financiële systeem te controleren en dus het proces van besluiten wat de mensheid in de toekomst gaat doen.
De uitkomst lijkt zeker de nederlaag van de Khazariaanse maffia cabal te zijn welke in het geheim de wereldmacht heeft gecontroleerd sinds op zijn minst 1913 en in het Westen waarschijnlijk voor duizenden jaren.
In het nieuws en in het openbaar kunnen we bijvoorbeeld zien dat de Presidentskandidaat van de Democratische Partij in de VS en senior Khazariaanse gangster Hillary Clinton alle publieke campagneoptredens heeft afgezegd met uitzondering van haar geplande debat ( welke misschien ook werd afgezegd) met Republikeins Kandidaat Donald Trump.
Zoiets is nog nooit voorgekomen in de geschiedenis van de presidentiële verkiezingen van de VS en ondersteunt beweringen van CIA bronnen dat de VS verkiezingen geannuleerd zullen worden.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

CROATIAN -- Benjamin Fulford: 17:10:2016

Hillary Clinton odlazi u ilegalu jer se uklanjanje kabale nastavlja usprkos praznih prijetnji nuklearnim ratom

17. listopada  2016.

Svjetski događaji jasno su usmjereni na neku vrstu velike prekretnice u nadolazećim tjednima kao što se vidi po mnogim događajima u vijestima i u tajnom svijetu. Ono što se događa jest da se dvije velike suparničke frakcije natječu za kontrolu svjetskih sila ulazi u završnu rundu njihove titanske borbe za kontrolu financijskog sustava, a time i proces odlučivanja što će čovječanstvo raditi u budućnosti.

Izgleda da će rezultat biti siguran poraz kazarske mafije koja je potajno kontrolirala svjetske sile još od 1913. godine, a na Zapadu, vjerojatno već tisuće godina.

U vijestima i u javnosti možemo vidjeti, na primjer, da američki predsjednički kandidat Demokratske stranke i viši kazarski gangster Hillary Clinton otkaže sve javne nastupe u kampanji osim planirane rasprave (koja se također može otkazati) s republikanskim kandidatom Donaldom Trumpom.

Tako nešto se nikad prije nije dogodilo u povijesti američkih izbora i podupire tvrdnje izvora CIA-e da će američki izbori biti otkazani.


Hillary Clinton ist untergetaucht, der Abbau der Kabale geht weiter, trotz leerer Atomkriegs-Drohungen

October 17, 2016

Die Ereignisse auf der Welt laufen klar in die Richtung einer Art großen Wende in den nächsten Wochen, was an vielen Ereignissen in den Nachrichten und in der geheimen Welt ersichtlich ist. Was vor sich geht ist, dass zwei massiv rivalisierende Fraktionen, die um die Kontrolle der Macht auf der Welt kämpfen, in die letzte Runde ihres titanischen Kampfes um die Kontrolle des Finanz-Systems eingetreten sind, die entscheiden wird, was die Menschheit in der Zukunft tun wird.

Der Ausgang scheint sicher die Niederlage der Khasarischen Mafia zu sein, die insgeheim die Macht der Welt seit mindestens 1913 kontrollierte und, im Westen, wahrscheinlich seit tausenden von Jahren.

In den Nachrichten und in der Öffentlichkeit können wir zum Beispiel sehen, dass die Präsidentschafts-Kandidatin der Demokratischen Partei in den USA und ranghöchste Khasarische Gangsterin Hillary Clinton sämtliche öffentlichen Auftritte abgesagt hat, mit Ausnahme ihrer geplanten Debatten (die auch noch gestrichen werden könnten) mit dem Kandidaten der Republikaner Donald Trump.

So etwas ist vorher in der Geschichte der Präsidentschafts-Wahlen in den USA noch nie vorgekommen, und es stützt die Behauptungen von CIA-Quellen, dass die Wahlen gestrichen werden.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mandarin -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 17:10:2016

World events are clearly heading to some sort of big turning point in the coming weeks as can be seen by many events in the news and in the secret world. What is going on is that two massive rival factions vying for control of world power are entering the final round of their titanic struggle to control the financial system and thus process of deciding what humanity does in the future. 

The outcome looks certain to be the defeat of the Khazarian mafia cabal that has secretly controlled world power since at least 1913 and, in the West, probably for thousands of years. 


In the news and in public we can see, for example, that US Democratic Party Presidential Candidate and senior Khazarian gangster Hillary Clinton has cancelled all public campaign appearances other than her scheduled debate (which may also be cancelled) with Republican Candidate Donald Trump. 


Monday, October 17, 2016


Hillary Clinton goes into hiding as cabal takedown continues despite empty threats of nuclear war

October 17, 2016

World events are clearly heading to some sort of big turning point in the coming weeks as can be seen by many events in the news and in the secret world. What is going on is that two massive rival factions vying for control of world power are entering the final round of their titanic struggle to control the financial system and thus process of deciding what humanity does in the future.

The outcome looks certain to be the defeat of the Khazarian mafia cabal that has secretly controlled world power since at least 1913 and, in the West, probably for thousands of years.

In the news and in public we can see, for example, that US Democratic Party Presidential Candidate and senior Khazarian gangster Hillary Clinton has cancelled all public campaign appearances other than her scheduled debate (which may also be cancelled) with Republican Candidate Donald Trump.

Such a thing has never happened before in the history of US presidential elections and backs up claims by CIA sources the US elections will be cancelled.

However, it is clear the power struggle is still raging inside the United States with sources from one faction saying the election will be cancelled because one candidate (Hillary) will drop out. CIA sources connected to this faction still say the election will be cancelled, President Obama will resign and then Vice President Joe Biden will take over only to be quickly replaced by Hillary’s VP candidate Tim Kaine.

However, another senior CIA source says “they cannot cancel the election, if Hillary drops out, the Democrats will just have to find another candidate to run against Donald Trump. Trump will win and he is going to start mass arrests and nobody is going to stop that.”

These two factions each have different views of what the new financial system will look like. On this subject, this writer was finally able to get in touch with Neil Keenan. It turns out some third party hijacked Keenan or this writer’s Skype account and pretended to be Keenan. The only person who could do this would be Skype owner Bill Gates. Message to Bill Gates: surrender or die. Keenan says he was poisoned again but has recovered. He says his sources in the Vatican P2 lodge, as do my sources there, say as a base for the new financial system the P2 favours

using the Zimbabwe dollar or else the Iraqi Dinar. The reason for this is that neither of these currencies is under control of the Rothschild family, they say. They also claim these currencies can be backed by the Global Collateral Accounts.

However, the Rothschilds and the European faction of the Khazarian mafia are pushing for a continuation of the current system with China taking the driver’s seat. Chinese and P2 sources both agree that as a part of this, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have already been taken over by the Chinese. IMF head Christine Lagarde is just a figurehead and real power is now in the hands of three Chinese officials, they say.

This would certainly explain China’s sudden eagerness to promote the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (convertible to Chinese yuan) as a new international currency to replace the US dollar.

This, from Zero Hedge, seems to back up these allegations:

“On August 31, in what was dubbed a “historic event”, the World Bank became the first issuer of bonds denominated in SDR and settled in yuan when it sold 500 million SDR units worth of bonds in China. Then, overnight, in yet another historic event, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) said on Friday that it has obtained approval from the People’s Bank of China to be the first commercial issuer of bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) in China’s interbank bond market.”

The Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller controllers of the old dollar system are still putting up a vigorous fight in their final strongholds that include the Ukraine, the US corporate media, Israel and the Gulf Petro-Monarchies like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The battle for Aleppo, Syria is really the last stand of the old Petro-dollar mafia. This mafia has been trying to provoke World War 3 by painting Israeli warplanes with US markings and sending them to attack Russian aircraft. That is why Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the United Nations, publicly declared the situation in Aleppo, Syria was a “planetary-scale” crisis.

Pentagon sources, for their part say the recent “USA missile strikes on Yemen Red Sea coastal radars was a warning to Chinese military bases in the South China Sea as Russia returns to the Cam Ranh Naval Base [in Vietnam] to contain Chinese hegemony.” This seems to be the US military drawing a line in the sand saying they will not let the Chinese take over the oil and gas interests in the Arabian Peninsula.
Finding a solution on how to divide the Middle Eastern oil and gas pie is probably one of the real reasons why Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill is in England for a visit with Queen Elizabeth.

The subject of Israel, many of whose citizens came from Russia, is also coming up. The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization has passed a resolution “backed by Russia and China, but abstained by France, as a precursor to a two state solution for Israel that is backed by France and that Obama will not Veto,” Pentagon sources say. UNESCO says the Jews have no historical ties to Jerusalem since Roman Emperor Titus destroyed it completely in 70AD, and that the Western (wailing) Wall is not the temple but what is left of the Roman fort Antonia. The Russians want to make sure England also refrains from vetoing this resolution so Israel can be finally forced by the world community to stop its unscientific, anti-historical and anti-social activity in the region, the sources say. Real Jews can use real historical and scientific evidence if they want to keep a genuine connection to the creator, the WDS sources say.

The other reason for the Russian Patriarch’s visit, a first ever for both countries, is to discuss what direction the world should move in after the fall of the Khazarian mafia, according to White Dragon Society sources in Russia and England. Part of these discussions will also cover the subject of whether or not to appoint a new Czar for Russia as a condition for the return of Russian Imperial gold currently being held in England, they say.

The P2 sources also delivered a message they claim is from George Bush Sr. claiming Bush is avoiding all involvement in politics and just “wants to concentrate on his drug business.” It is probably too late at this point and Bush will have to deal directly with the American people who will probably, as he famously said, want to string him up.

There is also a growing body of evidence being made public that Bill and Hillary Clinton are mass murderers. The Wikileaks revelations about Clinton Campaign manager John Podesta referring in advance to a “wet job” (agency talk for murder) days before the mysterious death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia are just the tip of the iceberg.

CIA sources are saying an avalanche of murder allegations against the Clintons is being prepared and that this crime family will be taken down along with their Bush/Rockefeller partners. The story at this link is just another of many to come, the sources say.

The Clintons and their fellow gangsters are almost certainly thinking of trying to use an EMP attack as an excuse to cancel elections and avoid trial and punishment for mass murder. The problem is they can’t seem to decide whether to blame this on the Russians or on a “space weather event.”

Either way, they are not going to be able to use a manufactured mass terror incident as a get out of jail free card this time, Pentagon and agency sources agree. Pentagon sources say “the Nobel Prize for literature was given to anti-Vietnam war songwriter bob Dylan as a message to Obama to earn his peace prize and for the cabal to stop WW3, since this was never given for songs.”

In Asia, meanwhile, there is a lot of intrigue going on in Thailand now, following the official announcement of the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Here is the raw intelligence from WDS sources in Thailand on this subject:

“There are very serious discussions taking place NOW. You noticed that the PM Prayut Chan-O-Cha made the statement that the Crown Prince is in mourning with the people of Thailand and is in no hurry for the coronation to take place. Why didn’t the Crown Prince make the statement? SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN FOR SURE.
He will not be on the throne for long…. which means his first born son will be the next in line for the Throne.

As you know, the Queen passed on to another dimension back in 2012. This has been confirmed to me directly by Agency operatives stationed at the US Embassy in BKK. There has been a double taking her place since then. The double has not been seen in public for almost a year as well.

As for the Thai Gold, it is in safe keeping and I know who has the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. Our Group’s intent is to use it for the new global financial system along with China and Russia. They may set up a bullion bank as well.”

Chinese government sources, for their part, also confirm the Thai royal gold as well as the Persian royal gold being held for safekeeping in Thailand, will not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands no matter what.

In Japan, meanwhile, sources close to the Prime Minister’s office say that 300 Khazarian mobsters and their lackeys have been rounded up and taken to a US military base in preparation for their being sent to the US for the upcoming war crimes tribunal hearings.

The October surprise is here and now folks, and more is coming so please stay tuned and avoid all fear mongering because the good guys are winning. There is still a lot we cannot write about (for security reasons) but if you compare the current situation to World War 2, it is like the battles for Berlin, Germany and Okinawa, Japan. This time nukes won’t be used.




Ver a imagem de origem

Kriegsgefangenenlager in Amerika

Von Larry Romanoff, 02. Juni 2020

Übersetzung: K.R.


Hinweis an die Leser: In Anbetracht der immensen Bedeutung dieses Themas leiten Sie diesen Artikel bitte über Ihren E-Mail-Verteiler weiter und posten Sie ihn in Ihren Blogs, Internetforen usw., mit der Bitte, dass jeder, der irgendwelche Details oder Familiengeschichten kennt, die Licht auf diese Ereignisse werfen könnten, diese bitte direkt an den Autor unter weiterleitet.


Diese Geschichte hat alle Voraussetzungen, um sich für eine Verschwörungstheorie zu qualifizieren und macht vielleicht keinen Sinn für Sie ohne einige Hintergrundinformationen über den Zusammenhang.

Bevor die USA in den Ersten Weltkrieg eintraten, wurde eine enorme, jahrelange antideutsche Propagandakampagne von der Creel-Kommission entfesselt, die von Walter Lippman und Edward Bernays geleitet wurde, letzterer war ein Neffe von Sigmund Freud. (1) (2) Die öffentliche Literatur griff alles Deutsche in Amerika an, auch Schulen und Kirchen. In vielen Schulen wurde den "reinen Amerikanern" verboten, die deutsche Sprache zu unterrichten, und die Verwalter wurden aufgefordert, "alle illoyalen Lehrer", also alle Deutschen, zu entlassen. Die Namen unzähliger Städte wurden geändert, um ihren deutschen Ursprung zu eliminieren: Berlin, Iowa wurde zu Lincoln, Iowa. Deutsche Lebensmittel und Namen von Gerichten wurden aus den Restaurants verbannt; Sauerkraut wurde zu "Freiheitskraut", Dackel wurden zu "Freiheitshunden" und Deutsche Schäferhunde zu "Elsässern".


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(China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States)


Larry Romanoff,

contributing author

to Cynthia McKinney's new COVID-19 anthology

'When China Sneezes'

When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis

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