What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff


The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)


That history is being repeated today in a mass grooming of the Western world’s people (especially Americans) in preparation for World War IIIwhich I believe is now imminent. It is evident that War Clouds are gathering. The signs are everywhere, with media coverage and open talk of war in many countries. The RAND Corporation have for years been preparing military scenarios for World War III, and NATO is reported to be currently doing so. Vast movements of NATO troops and equipment are either in preparation or process to surround Russia. The US is surrounding China with military bases including the world's largest in Guam. Both China and Russia are surrounded with nearly 400 US biological weapons labs. Iran is entirely vulnerable from the American military build-up in the Middle East.




Friday, August 4, 2017


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By now it is obvious to anyone who is actually using their brain that something is profoundly wrong with the leadership and government systems in the West. This is especially true of the United States where real living standards have been declining since the late 1960s while the country has been almost perpetually at war. In the US, the ruling class has alienated the population to the point that less than 10% of the population trust either Congress or the Media. The central cause of the malaise has been a project by a sub-group in the ruling class, the people I call the Khazarian mafia, to enslave humanity and turn themselves into god like rulers.

The US military and agency white hats have figured this out and have taken action that is being seen in the form of the Presidency of Donald Trump. However, Trump has taken over as CEO of a bankrupt entity and, even though he is trying his hardest, he has yet to do what is inevitable and formally declare the United States bankrupt. And bankrupt it is.
美军和美国机构当中的白帽子们早已看穿了一切,并且已经采取了行动,最直观的结果就是唐纳德·川普的当选。然而,川普所接管的,是一个已经破产的实体的首席执行官职位,并且尽管他竭尽了全力,但他还是依然要做不可避免的事情,并正式宣布美国破产。 并且美国是真的要破产。

The US has run a trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 resulting in a cumulative trade deficit of over $10 trillion. In addition to that the US government has $19.1 trillion in debt and has $128 trillion or 7 times the USs $18 trillion GDP in unfunded liabilities. That is the real reason why the US corporate government de-facto went bankrupt on May 3rd of 2017 when its wholly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary defaulted on its $123 billion in debt.

What this means is that no matter how hard Donald Trump tries, he cannot solve the USs problems without first formally declaring bankruptcy.

However, bankrupting the US is not the same as bankrupting any other country. For one thing declaring bankruptcy would make it impossible for the US to keep running its 800 or so US military bases around the world. When this writer first go the Asians to agree ten years ago to the idea of bankrupting the US, the US military dispatched an agent to explain the US would cut off Asias supplies of Middle Eastern oil if US finances were cut off. This led to a Mexican stand-off that continued for many years.

By become embroiled in this high level stand-off between the worlds most powerful countries this writer was able to see first-hand who runs the planet earth. The information below is based on 10 years of meeting with sources in the CIA, the NSA, the P2 Freemason Lodge, MI6, Asian Secret Societies etc. etc.

Until recently, David Rockefeller was the secret leader of the planet earth. He was chairman of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Furthermore, through various foundations he also controlled the fortune 500 corporations. In addition to this, because he was married to an Italian princess, Rockefeller also had enormous influence over the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge that controls the Catholic Church and the mafia. Rockefeller had the power to turn his nephew, Bill Clinton, into President and tried very hard, but failed, to have his daughter Hillary Clinton turned into President.

If Rockefeller was #1 in the old power structure, George Bush Sr. was #2. Bush ran most of the CIA, the $2 trillion a year world narcotics trade and much of the arms industry. When his son Bush Jr. was elected President in 2000, Sr. was able to eclipse Rockefeller by staging 911 and imposing a Nazi regime on the US.

Rockefeller was able to regain control in 2008 though by putting his house slave Barack Obama into office after the Bush Jr. Presidency turned into a disaster.

Now though, Rockefellers death has created a huge vacuum at the top of world power. George Bush Sr. has lost support because of widespread disgust at his Nazi groups genocidal plans. He is also very old and flashes in and out of lucidity, according to sources close to him. So Bush Sr. is no longer #2 or even #3 because his Nazi followers no longer consider him to be their Fuhrer. The Nazis have now made it clear they no longer seek world hegemony.

So the death of Rockefeller and the fall from grace by Bush Sr. means the top level of Western power is now up for grabs.

The group that has moved in to fill the vacuum in the US has been the gnostic illuminati, the group that opposes bloodline rule and claims credit for the French, US and Russian revolutions. They have led a purge of his high level bloodline servants in the US that is nearing completion.

At the same time, invigorated by the fall of their upstart US rivals, the European bloodline families have made a big push to fill in the Rockefeller, Bush vacuum. Their top people are Queen Elizabeth, Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Europeans were able to come very close to using their fake carbon-causes-global warming scheme to implement the Paris accords. This would have created a world government still controlled by them but with a greater seat at the table for the Chinese.

The power of this group was evident at the G20 meeting in early July where 19 out of 20 so-called world leaders expressed support for this scam. However, without the support of the gnostic illuminati and without any scientific basis, this carbon scam is doomed to fail. The gnostic illuminati control both the Trump presidency and the US military industrial complex and are using their agents to attack bloodline rule in Europe now that their purge in the US is more or less complete.

Right now though, there is a stand-off in the West between the European royal bloodlines represented by the Pope, the Queen and Merkel, and the gnostic illuminati represented by Trump.

Meanwhile in Asia, China has now built up alternative energy import networks so that it can continue to operate even if all Middle Eastern oil supplies were cut off. The Asian alliance also managed to co-opt Europe into joining its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and its massive one belt one road public works initiative. The Chinese have furthere made huge inroads in Africa and other developing countries with their generous infrastructure work. Most of all, the Chinese are the main creditors to the US and could bankrupt them if they chose to do so.

Of course the US still has its start World War 3 card to play but using that card would lead to the destruction of the planet, so the US side is trying to get the Russians to join them in a Christian (White) alliance. To entice the Russians, the Americans have ceded to them hegemony over Europe (minus the UK) as well as half of the Middle East. The US side also still has control over Japan and the Korean Peninsula, including its pet rogue state North Korea. The Americans are also assiduously courting India.

The overall result is that there still exists a Mexican stand-off between East and West.

The key battleground this fall is expected to be Japan. It is money from Japans postal savings, agricultural bank, pension funds etc. that is keeping the US barely solvent. However, the puppet government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has less than 10% support in real public opinion. There is also incredible resentment and anger at the Korean agents used by the US occupation authorities to control Japan since the end of World War II. As shown by the results of the June Tokyo regional elections, the long term ruling puppet Liberal Democratic Party is certain to be wiped out in the next general election.

The White Dragon Society is pushing hard for regime change in Japan as early as this fall. The aim is to force real regime change in the US, because Donald Trumps presidency is too little too late.

What is needed is a formal declaration of bankruptcy in the US so as to jumpstart a complete revamp of the international architecture put in place after World War II so as to better reflect current world demographic and economic reality. The WDS also believes the world needs a minimum common set of rules so that international criminals like the Khazarian mafia can no longer engage in illegal wars, looting and other anti-social activities. The WDS further believes benign symbolic bloodline rule in the West and Asia can co-exist with meritocracy.

作者:Patchouli Exarch

Translator’s notes:
The constitutional monarchy will lead to many serious social ills such as the growing of religions and feudal ethics  ruling which are anti intellectualism and anti humanism, absence of human rights and women's rights, social class solidification etcetera. These social ills will further lead to class warfare, revolution and disintegration of the state.

If the Reform Movement of 1898 Led by Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao has succeed, then:
First: the great purge type of refutation to the Confucian feudal ethics would not be possible. And thus, if the great purge type of refutation to the Confucian feudal ethics was absent, then the consequence will be following: women are still bound their feet, still believe in the Three Obediences And The Four Virtues, forbidden go to school, forbidden go out before marriage, forbidden divorce, forbidden widow marry again, forbidden freely choose husband, forbidden to do what they want to do and engage the jobs which they dislike, forbidden to have dinner with other family members at the same table, house work everyday and being kidnapped by various moral.

You thought that only Confucian school regard feudal ethics society as their ideal? You are too young, too simple, sometime naive! There is another feudal ethics group ruling that women must accompany by males when they go out, women are forbidden to drive vehicles, women must wear scarf and big black robe, women must cut their clitoris, woman who broken commandment must be stoning, feudal ethics group members and unbelievers must be apartheid on food, wearing, housing and traditions, the bondage of religion and nation, theocracy, Muslims killed 20 million Chinese in 1862 etc. Is it little?

Meanwhile, the absence of human rights is more serious under the feudal ethics ruling which created by constitutional monarchy. That means everybody is property of parents, absolute obey their parents, must be very politely to idiot relatives in family, in strict accordance with the rules of seniority etc.

You thought constitutional monarchy China will be the same as UK?

Impossible. The human rights struggle in Europe has began when Qin dynasty was just established. Various revolution and restoration happened over and over, and thus the ideology has already become completely different. If China did not experience the revolution in 1911 and established the constitutional monarchy which based on feudal ethics, then the social ills which I talked above has already been reality.

Besides the absence of human rights, the constitutional monarchy based on feudal ethics will lead to other social ills such as class solidification.

In China, the current time we are living in(This acticle is written at 2015 December 27th) is between the late of large-scale class change and the early of class solidification. If China established the constitutional monarchy in the early 20th century and develop until now, then China’s class solidification is definitely reached the highest point in history. The children of poor people will always be poor people, the children of middle class will always be middle class, the Children of ruling class will always be ruling class. This sort of situation is just so obvious in my 21 years life. My primary school, junior school and high school are all best schools in Tian Jin city. When I was in primary school, the children are both from poor families and rich families. When I was in junior school, the entire classroom is almost filled with middle-class children. When I was in high school, the monitor is sitting at the same table with me. I can saw my every classmate’s family situation. They are all above middle class and even higher. Almost all of their parents are lawyers, doctors, customs, public servants, businessman, military officers, professors etc. In the near future, this situation will only become more and more serious. But do not forget that this is just the beginning of class solidification. This is just the consequence of 10 years’ development of class solidification. Soon, when your own children just entered primary school, they will find that their classmates are all the same class with them. However, If the process of class solidification begin as early as 1900, the rising ways of class has already been sealed by ruling class. We should be grateful that the beginning of class solidification is just begin from 10 years ago because otherwise most Chinese people will have no chance to enter universities. If we assume that China success became constitutional monarchy in 1900’s, then at least in terms of class solidification, we are the same with UK and Japan. Let’s have a look at UK’s TV series show. The speaker in the TV series show is UK’s cabinet secretary. He is a standard ruling class:
The same in Japan:
Presumably the son of a dirty politician can only become another dirty politician.
The son of a doctor who is only thinking about how to earn money, can only become another doctor who is only thinking about how to earn money. The son of a bank president can only become another bank president. If you want to make Japan become better, you have to clean up this sort of connection once and for all.

China’s class solidification can only go beyond but never fall behind. Because the “class” is already one of a properties of Chinese Confucianism. The same is true of Buddhism and Taoism. They even do not lie to you that people are equal. They even do not have any objective which is attracting people to pursue. In summary, we are really catching up with the UK and Japan in terms of class solidification.

Second, the problems of constitutional monarchy itself:

Constitutional monarchy cannot exist in a titanic territory because the problems such as multi-nations and multi-cultures will lead to the countries of this system cannot survive long and very easy to be split. Consequently, we can see that the countries which have large territory are all federalism. For instance, the British Empire rapidly split after it was extremely strong and prosperous and its old colonies are all independent.

In summary, the constitutional monarchy is not as good as your imagination and the so called spiritual leader is not necessary to be emperor. Because the class solidification is the cost you cannot afford. China is indeed as dark as you think but the foreign countries is not as good as you imagination. The so called socialism is just that money is distributing according to power. The so called capitalism is just that power is distributing according to money. The reason why foreign medias dare talk about everything is just because they are obeying capital but not authority. Although foreign medias dare blame government, but they will keep silent about every dirty works of their financiers. In additional, the medias in constitutional monarchy countries can also be pressured by government. How? Reducing your funds, increasing your taxes or knights the editors. Let media change its speech is not much more difficult than China. What is more, the solidification in China’s ancient dynasty is not so simple and the meritocracy promotion regulation which has been created by ruling class is not as good as your imagination. Some families cannot afford books, some children who has graduated the primary school cannot afford the travelling expenses of attending middle school examination, not to mention of going to capital city to participate the university entrance examination. You just do not know the cost of it. Especially, the so called “poor family” in ancient dynasty China is just only poor when they compared with wealthy and influential big clan. As the Chinese proverb says:“No matter how Lean a camel is, it is still bigger than a horse”. Do not think that the “poors” are equal to proletariat. In the Ming Dynasty, the only one proletariat who has climed to the ruling class(except for eunuchs) is Hai Rui. For other “poor” people who has climed to ruling class, if you look up their biography, you will find that they are not proletariat.

Your opinion that the exist of feudal ethics in the constitutional monarchy which would lead to class solidification is reasonable, is just an illusion. And the same is true for your opinion that the nature divided human beings into males and females in order to complement men and women. It is not true but just you believe that. Just like “The Emperor's New Clothes”. There is not a complete logical chain. If you say this, I can also say that the nature setup two gender is because it likes the number “2”. In addition, why we should accept what the nature gave us? Why we must obey the hint from nature? The nature also allows us to kill people and not punish us, is killing people right? We are human beings! We want to live according to our own will! We are continuing reforming the nature and ourselves! Nature's dividing us into such sexes does not mean it is right. There is no any relation between “it doing this” and “it is right”. Somebody say that : “ In feudal ethics society, maybe some very important decision was made by women on the bed.” This is the most bull shit I have ever heard. What do you mean by “making very important decision on the bed”? Why women must resolve problems on the bed? Why they cannot resolve problems on the rostrum of parliament or sitting in the office of government? Are they disabled? Are their ways of participating public affairs just limited like this?
 Think about it!!!...

The WDS also supports initiating a new golden age by starting with a jubilee, a one-off redistribution of assets, a massive campaign to clean up the planet and a systematic effort to expand into the universe. A new calendar to replace the Western centric one now in place would also help start a new age.

Translator: Pearl



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Diese Geschichte hat alle Voraussetzungen, um sich für eine Verschwörungstheorie zu qualifizieren und macht vielleicht keinen Sinn für Sie ohne einige Hintergrundinformationen über den Zusammenhang.

Bevor die USA in den Ersten Weltkrieg eintraten, wurde eine enorme, jahrelange antideutsche Propagandakampagne von der Creel-Kommission entfesselt, die von Walter Lippman und Edward Bernays geleitet wurde, letzterer war ein Neffe von Sigmund Freud. (1) (2) Die öffentliche Literatur griff alles Deutsche in Amerika an, auch Schulen und Kirchen. In vielen Schulen wurde den "reinen Amerikanern" verboten, die deutsche Sprache zu unterrichten, und die Verwalter wurden aufgefordert, "alle illoyalen Lehrer", also alle Deutschen, zu entlassen. Die Namen unzähliger Städte wurden geändert, um ihren deutschen Ursprung zu eliminieren: Berlin, Iowa wurde zu Lincoln, Iowa. Deutsche Lebensmittel und Namen von Gerichten wurden aus den Restaurants verbannt; Sauerkraut wurde zu "Freiheitskraut", Dackel wurden zu "Freiheitshunden" und Deutsche Schäferhunde zu "Elsässern".


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