What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

That history is being repeated today in a mass grooming of the Western world’s people (especially Americans) in preparation for World War IIIwhich I believe is now imminent



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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF: The Dark Side of America: Human Experimentation


August 27, 2023



The Dark Side of America:

Human Experimentation


Larry Romanoff




Deleted from American history books and buried in the mists of time, though that time ended only yesterday, is an entire encyclopedia of the most inhuman violations of citizens – of the general public, of individuals, of children, pregnant mothers, patients, prisoners, military personnel, institutionalised individuals and more. A great many of these human experiments were performed on individuals while others, some vast in scale, were executed on the mass public often involving millions of citizen victims.[1][2]Most were performed by civilian and military medical doctors almost entirely for military purposes; a few were in the supposed interests of medical science. While books have been written on individual programs or lists of various atrocities, I am not aware that the truths of these events have ever been assembled and presented together in one place, to permit an overall view of the entire picture, and this essay by no means covers the entire spectrum. This assembled picture is dismaying, to say the least. The first reference is a chronicle of human experimentation done in the US, spanning many decades, and is by no means complete, but should be considered required reading. It seems that most of the documentation on this subject that remains available on the Internet, has been sanitised, with numbers of victims understated, most of the gruesome details omitted, and the psychopathic criminality of these experiments glossed over, trivialised, or omitted altogether from mention. [3][4][5]


As an example, there was a period from about 1935 to the middle 1960s when frontal lobotomies were all the rage in the US.[6][7] The process appeared contagious, many prominent American institutions freely conducting the practice, with more than 100,000 people being lobotomised during the next 30 years, small children being a favorite class of victim.[8][9]* The procedure became almost a kind of circus act. It is still possible to find video on the internet of a physician performing lobotomies on children on live television programs. A ten-year-old boy would be positioned in a chair, the doctor would insert a tool like a simple awl into the corner of his eye, push it from there into the child’s brain, and sever the frontal cortex, then pronouncing the boy cured of whatever ailment he apparently suffered.


All of my early research indicated that at least 100,000 people were lobotomised in the US alone, but many of these documents have been deleted from the Internet, with the remaining documents indicating only half that number. This reflects a serious research problem, in that various involved parties appear to be increasingly scouring the Internet and obtaining removal of incriminating documents and information.


Lobotomies disappeared for a short time then reappeared during the 1970s and 1980s as a favorite conditioning treatment for political dissidents. The FBI didn’t only kill or imprison these thorns in their side. One favorite method that seems to have altogether escaped from American history books is the process of what was termed “psychosurgery”, the performance of frontal lobotomies on American political dissidents. Three Harvard University professors put forward the thesis that individuals who engaged in civil disobedience possessed defective or damaged brain cells, receiving enormous funding for almost 600 “research projects dealing with behavior modification”. These 600 ‘projects’ were performed on American citizens campaigning against racial discrimination, who were first arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges then subjected to these medical procedures against their will, and who all became virtual zombies from the procedure. The doctors went so far as to recommend that “screening centers” be established throughout the nation to identify and “treat” all emerging political dissidents and activists, fully aware that lobotomies would be an effective instrument of repression and social control. Information on the FBI’s use of lobotomies on political dissidents was once quite easily available, but all related documents appear to have been purged. A bit later, the US military subjected many war veterans to undergo forced lobotomies as a cure for battle stress, invariably turning them into vegetables.


But it went far beyond this, with virtually every kind of medical research and experimentation being performed on unwitting civilians who mostly had no idea what was happening to them, and who very frequently died from the process. These human experiments involved physicians exposing civilians to every kind of disease or toxin, including radiation, cancers, venereal diseases, infectious agents of every kind, to say nothing of chemical and bio-warfare pathogens. Individuals were injected with everything from live cancer cells to cow’s blood, “to see what would happen”. In many cases, records were either not kept or were destroyed, so that much of the truth will never be known and, as mentioned above, surviving documentation in at least some cases appears to severely understate the number of victims, many of whom died either immediately or eventually from these causes. And in all the decades of these experiments, not a single person was ever held accountable for this immense trail of misery and carnage. Moreover, firm indications exist that the process never completely ended.


Joshua Perper and Stephen Cina wrote a paper titled, “When Doctors Kill”, [10] on the topic of human experimentation. From that paper:


“In 1998, Professor Adil Shamoo of the University of Maryland testified to the US Senate that “This type of research is ongoing nationwide in medical centers and VA hospitals. These experiments are high-risk and are abusive, causing not only physical and psychic harm to the most vulnerable groups but also degrading our society’s system of basic human values. Probably tens of thousands of patients are being subjected to such experiments ([today]”. “Unethical medical experiments continued in civilian and military research establishments unabated for 35 years after World War II and more sporadically into the early 2000s. This was in spite of the 1945 Nuremberg Code and American legislation that forbid (sic) unethical and involuntary medical experimentation.”


Some historical writers claim that although these American “studies” deeply marred the image of American medicine, they never reached the magnitude of depravity manifested by the Japanese during World War II. I disagree with these gentlemen in their claim that American medical studies “never reached the level or magnitude of depravity manifested by the Japanese”. The evidence is that Americans not only reached but surpassed others in moral depravity, and most certainly in magnitude, as you will see.


Experiments on Children


From the late 1800s and early 1900s – until the present – American physicians, most often with the support and funding of the US government and military, and with uncommonly eager participation from the most respected American universities and medical institutions, have been illegally experimenting with pregnant mothers, babies, and young children, infecting them with various pathogens, often killing their unwitting subjects in the process. New York pediatrician Henry Heiman intentionally infected mentally disabled boys (Wikipedia, lying as always, tells us only two boys were involved) with gonorrhea as part of a medical experiment, and Dr. Arthur Wentworth of the Children’s Hospital in Boston performed spinal taps on many young children, even small infants, without the knowledge or consent of their parents, simply to “discover if doing so would be harmful”. These children were treated as disposable trash. In one case, Heiman referred to a victim as “an idiot with chronic epilepsy”. [11]


Another prominent physician of the time, a Dr. John Roberts of Philadelphia, called Wentworth’s procedures “human vivisection”. Later, a California physician traveled to Hawaii where he injected young girls under the age of 12 with syphilis. Early in the 20th century there were already almost 50 reports of experimental programs of infecting children with gonorrhea, including some where children were blinded from gonorrheal organisms applied to their eyes.


Medical researchers at the St. Vincent’s House orphanage in Philadelphia infected dozens of children – to whom they referred as “material used” – with tuberculin, causing great pain and permanent blindness in many of the children. The website contains a book on the history of St. Vincent’s House, unfortunately titled as “A Memoir”, which is rather undeserving. [12] From the 1950s to the late 1970s, mentally disabled children at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York, were intentionally infected with viral hepatitis. Researchers at the Laurel Children’s Center in Maryland tested experimental acne medications on children, and continued their tests even after half of the children developed severe liver damage from the medications.


The US military funded experiments like feeding radioactive food to mentally disabled children and injecting pregnant women and babies with radioactive chemicals to study the transmission of radioactivity and pathogens through the placental barrier. Beginning immediately after World War II, researchers at Vanderbilt University gave almost 1,000 pregnant mothers drinks containing radioactive iron, to determine how fast the radio-isotope crossed into the placenta. The mothers were told those were “vitamin drinks” that would improve the health of their babies, but most of the children – those not aborted or stillborn – died from cancers and leukemias. Beginning in the 1940s and 1950s, the US Atomic Energy Commission and the Quaker Oats corporation sponsored experiments where mentally disabled children were fed oatmeal containing radioactive calcium and other radioisotopes, in order to track “how nutrients were digested”. The children did not know they were being fed radioactive chemicals, and the hospital staff and researchers told inquisitive parents their children were joining a science club.


At about the same time, the US government, through the Atomic Energy Commission, commissioned, sponsored, and conducted hundreds of radioactive isotope experiments at the University of Iowa on the effects of radioactive iodine on pregnant women and newborn infants. These uninformed victims were given radioactive iodine-131, knowing this would cause spontaneous abortions and infant deaths. Most women lost their babies, but that was the plan. The military wanted to autopsy the aborted fetuses to discover at what stage, and to what extent, radioactive iodine crosses the placental barrier. They filled newborn infants in their first hours of life with powerful radioactive compounds, to determine the effects of radiation on newborn babies, especially premature infants. Of course, a great many babies died in this valuable pursuit of military knowledge, the mothers never learning the cause of those deaths.


Dr. Alan Cantwell wrote that “in 1989 to 1991, Kaiser Permanente of Southern California and the CDC jointly conducted a measles vaccine experiment. Without proper parental disclosure, the Yugoslavian-made “high-titre” Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine was tested on 1,500 poor, primarily black and Latino, inner-city children in Los Angeles. “Highly recommended by the WHO, the high-potency experimental vaccine was previously injected into infants in Mexico, Haiti, and Africa, but was discontinued in those countries when it was discovered that the children were dying in large numbers.” The vaccine had never been licensed for use in the US, and the CDC later admitted the parents were never informed their children were being injected with an experimental vaccine that was potentially fatal. The CDC and FDA refused to release the raw data on these experiments, although the CDC did later admit it “made a mistake” in approving the trials of this experimental (and fatal) vaccine. [13]


Many years ago, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research published data on experiments where he injected syphilis into about 150 children in his search for a test for syphilis. The Rockefeller Institute figures prominently in so many of the human experiments conducted in the US, perhaps especially those by the CIA and US military. The Rockefeller Institute was prominent in some of the most horrid parts of MK-ULTRA, including those experiments by Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University in Montreal. Yet on the Institute’s website, these same people, including Dr. Noguchi, are proudly listed as alumni along with the awards they have been given for the trail of death and misery that followed them.


Typically, the US government and American universities and hospitals accessed – and still access – as subjects and victims those least able to defend themselves, always beginning with the most helpless, the children in orphanages, mental institutions, foster homes and hospitals. There is a very long list of tiny casualties from almost every major hospital and orphanage in the US, with the children having been essentially viewed as free experimental subjects for whatever test or study a researcher might concoct. This situation has been true for perhaps 100 years and has not in any sense abated despite of all the propaganda noise about the necessity of “informed consent”. The real truth of America today is that informed consent is necessary only from those with the money to hire expensive lawyers.


As one example of this, beginning in the 1980s and still continuing to today, the New York City Children’s Services Administration began permitting the US government’s National Institute of Health the “use” of foster children in dozens of New York children’s homes in experimental AIDS drug trials. The children, of course, suffered terribly, and a great many died. In a BBC documentary in 2004 titled “Guinea Pig Kids”, [14][15][16][17][18] reporter Jamie Doran revealed the extent of the problem and detailed that the children were unwitting subjects being abused by the system designed to protect them. However, that program was abruptly taken off the air, and the NYC Child Services issued a press release admitting this had occurred but that the City had since discontinued the practice – in spite of evidence it was continuing. COVID-wise readers might care to note that these experiments were performed under the direction of the renowned Dr. Anthony Fauci.


For at least three decades in this child-HIV travesty, New York officials colluded with hospitals and researchers to use perhaps 1,500 small, helpless children for more than 50 experimental AIDS drug trials. The claim was that the drugs were being tested only on HIV-positive children, but it is ludicrous to suggest that all or most of the children in foster homes would have HIV infections. Whether the children were deliberately infected is not known, but this certainly wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened. If the children tested positive, they were considered “terminal patients” and therefore open to all experimentation on the basis they would die anyway. This, despite of the fact that the HIV tests were not known for their consistent validity. These toxic experimental medications were administered to infants as young as 4 months of age.


After exposure and a wave of public outrage, the New York City’s Health Service performed an “exhaustive” internal investigation of itself and discovered it was exonerated. The authorities admitted that while some children did indeed die during the studies, and that while the deaths were “disturbing”, they “didn’t appear to be directly attributable” to the experiments. In one case, an investigative reporter for the BBC claimed to have seen at one place perhaps 100 coffins, each of which apparently contained more than one body. [15] When outside organisations wanted to conduct their own investigation and examine the medical records, the New York Health Department and the involved institutions were unfortunately unable to release any records due to “confidentiality regulations”. True to form, the New York Times downplayed and whitewashed the entire episode, forgetting to even mention the huge number of child deaths.


Perhaps not all readers are familiar with the expression “canary in the coal mine”. Canaries are delicate birds and, in days gone by, coal miners would carry these caged birds down into the mines on the theory that the appearance of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide would kill the birds first, thereby warning the miners to evacuate the area immediately. For quite a number of years, the US military and various portions of the US Health Service used institutionalised small children in essentially the same way – as little canaries providing a warning to real humans to avoid various chemical or biological warfare agents and newly-formulated vaccines. If the children died, the soldiers and other white humans would now know to exercise caution. The authorities used small children from hospitals, orphanages, foster homes, as laboratory rats in an almost unlimited number of despicable experiments to test the lethality of new vaccines or infectious agents as well as bio-weapons material. How is it possible to be more inhuman than this? How? Few records appear to exist from these tests, and almost all information on the number of resulting disabilities and deaths has been purged. They even tested small children on all forms of venereal disease and potential treatments thereof, frequently choosing small retarded children for these efforts, and inexplicably using institutionalised children of military veterans. Susan Lederer referred to some of this in her book on Military Medical Ethics[19]


At about the same time, the American government conceived the badly-misnamed ‘US Committee on Medical Research’, which was dedicated to military medical ambitions that included biological and chemical warfare. This “Committee” provided funding for numerous research projects and thousands of medical experiments conducted throughout the US, coordinating at one time almost 140 different American institutions in research on every kind of chemical, biological, and radioactive warfare agent, as well as infectious diseases, and conducting their testing primarily on prisoners and children. The little canaries in the coal mines were part of this effort.


At Harvard University, researchers performed experiments with injected diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen, on pregnant women, who then experienced an abnormally high number of miscarriages and premature births. [20][21] None of the women were told they were experimental subjects, and Harvard inexplicably continued to promote the use of this chemical on pregnant women. Following this, the University of Chicago[22][23] wanted evidence to prove Harvard’s study, and so fed the same powerful synthetic estrogen to almost 2,000 pregnant women (without their knowledge), the chemical proving to indeed be harmful to developing fetuses, resulting in huge numbers of miscarriages and stillborn births. The benefit to medical science was that Chicago was then able to say to Harvard, “We agree.” The mothers never learned why they lost their babies. Many other similar experiments were carried on by the Baylor College of Medicine,  the Gundersen ClinicMassachusetts General Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, and the University of Southern California.


In another set of abominable experiments carried out in the 1940s, this time without a clear cause, more than 1,000 unborn children received large doses of radiation. To accomplish this, the University of Chicago conceived a surreptitious program of administering to pregnant women “routine pelvic examinations” by repeated x-rays early in pregnancy for more than 1,000 mothers who were to bear their first child, then exposing any survivors to 5 full x-rays upon birth. It was estimated the newborns had received one year’s maximum dose by the first day of life. Many died, many developed cancers. The mothers never learned why they lost their babies. Harvard University and MIT were famous for their tragic experiments on small children. [24]Most of this information has been scrubbed from the Internet and university archives, and most of the involved institutions have totally sanitised their websites and public information sources, so no trace exists of these travesties and this entire sordid history has been expunged from human consciousness.


Dr. Wendell Johnson, a speech pathologist at the University of Iowa, became famous for his use of orphan children donated by the US military after both parents (soldiers) had died. In one case, Johnson conducted experiments to see if he could turn normal children into those who stuttered. These children, who were small and helpless, and already badly traumtised by having both parents die, were utilised by Johnson as clinical experiment material. He subjected them to years of what was called “negative therapy”, abusing them, criticising them harshly, trying to force them to speak with a stutter. He was not entirely successful, but he did manage to psychologically destroy dozens of lives, the children becoming withdrawn and uncommunicative, becoming runaways living in the streets, many committing suicide. One author wrote, “In recognition of his good work, the University of Iowa proudly named its Speech Center after Dr. Johnson, though they did call the experiments “regrettable”.” The US military has never commented on its despicable role in supplying these Army orphans to Johnson for his experiments, and has refused to accept any liability.


On another note, there have been many tales of mistreatment and brutality inflicted on children in orphanages and reform schools in the US, but this one is different in that it appears the school officials had killed hundreds of children in their care, during a period of many decades. This was the Dozier School in South Florida[25] that was finally closed only in 2011 after an infamous existence of more than 110 years. In 2013 teams of researchers recovered human bones from the area surrounding the school, presumably from the many children who “disappeared” over a period of 100 years. Some former residents who are now in their 60s and 70s tell of brutal beatings and of many students simply disappearing without explanation. Often, the students or families were told the boys had run away or had gone home or had been transferred to other schools, but no evidence was ever provided to account for the missing children. For many decades, people in the community claimed they had heard of children disappearing without explanation, but as one resident said, “People didn’t want to talk about it”.


And if we held any hope that things would improve, at least for children, we can abandon those hopes. Inexplicably, in 1997, the US Congress passed what was called the “FDA Modernization Act” that gave pharma companies an enormous financial incentive to continue using small children as laboratory animals for testing their new drugs, by offering a 6-month patent extension if these firms conduct their drug trials on small children, potentially offering the pharma companies a $1 billion gift while condemning yet countless thousands more of small children to abuse, disability and death. Even worse, a recent US government document listed the conditions under which experiments on children are permissible – without consent, though this is not explicitly stated. Among the acceptable conditions:


The research presents more than minimal risk, does not hold out the prospect of direct benefit to the subject, but the procedure is likely to yield generalizable knowledge about the subject’s disorder or condition which is of vital importance for understanding the disorder or condition. The research presents a reasonable opportunity to further the understanding, prevention, or alleviation of a serious problem affecting the health or welfare of children.


Experiments on Prisoners


Prisoners in the US have always been victimized for the sake of science, or indeed anything else requiring a helpless victim. By the 1950s the pharmaceutical and health care industries were growing rapidly in the US, accompanied by an increased need for experiments on human test subjects, with all levels of government approving the use of prisoners as medical guinea pigs – with or without their consent. In testimony delivered during Congressional hearings in 1973, executives of American pharma companies famously acknowledged using inmates in their medical trials because prisoners were “cheaper than chimpanzees”. Here are examples of a few such experiments from the Land of Freedom and Human Rights that should thrill you:


This Medicine Tastes Like Shit


That’s because that is what it is. Researchers interested in a better understanding of how disease spreads, took advantage of the “no place to run or hide” prison environment to force inmates to swallow what they eloquently called “an unfiltered stool suspension” to see if drinking germs was as effective as breathing them. Their research report concluded swallowing was indeed more effective, omitting any information about why non-crazy people would do this.


Look Ma! New Family Jewels


One of the more imaginative, if not exactly delightful, experiments performed on prison inmates was by a Dr. L.L. Stanley, who was the resident physician at San Quentin prison [26]in California and who removed testicles from various livestock and farm animals and transplanted them into at least 500 inmates. We can presume that consent, informed or otherwise, was not an issue. In response to receipt of this information, the Washington Post was positively gushing: “Enter San Quentin penitentiary in the role of the Fountain of Youth – an institution where the years are made to roll back for men of failing mentality and vitality and where the spring is restored to the step, wit to the brain, vigor to the muscles and ambition to the spirit. All this has been done, is being done … by a surgeon with a scalpel.” No reports on the species of offspring generated by these men with their newly-restored wit and ambition. Other American physicians attempted the transplant of livers and kidneys from chimpanzees into human prisoners – without apparent success. Stanley also sterilised countless patients who were deemed “feeble minded” or otherwise unfit for society, by his own admission sterilising at least 20% of all inmates.


In the late 1960s, University of Washington researcher Dr. C. Alvin Paulsen entered into a private contract with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), for which he and Dr. Carl G. Heller received $1.6 million in funding. Their job was to irradiate the testicles of hundreds of prisoners to determine the effects of radiation on testicular function, specifically to learn what doses would render the men permanently sterile. Heller so enjoyed this kind of research on helpless subjects, he conducted his own similar experiments at another state prison. Paulsen said, “Prisoners were considered ideal subjects because … they were a population that wasn’t going anywhere”.


The tests were mostly conducted with the by-then accepted level of fraud and deceit, meaning the men were never informed of the full nature of the experiments nor of the potentially permanent and even fatal consequences. They also had no clear understanding of the levels of radiation to which they would be exposed. Heller admitted he “didn’t warn them of all the dangers because I didn’t want to frighten them.”


One former inmate recalls Paulsen describing the test as just “glorified chest X-rays”, and that he would receive only 400 rads of radiation. Unfortunately, Paulsen neglected to tell him that 1 rad was equal to about 6 chest X-rays and that his testicles would therefore receive the equivalent of about 2,400 chest X-rays all at one time. For another comparison of exposure, a diagnostic X-ray is about .01 rad, while the maximum safety limit for nuclear workers is 5 rads a year, or the equivalent of about 500 X-rays per year. Some prisoners’ testicles received nearly 400 rads, or almost 40,000 X-rays, in a few minutes. It’s not a surprise that some inmates after 20 years still complain that their testicles glow in the dark.


Most of the men were of course rendered sterile, though fertility was restored for some after a period of years. Paulsen was recorded as having said, “Gee, this was longer than it would take for a dog to recover … men were very sensitive to short-term sterility”. What a surprise. When these inmates later left prison and had children, many had offspring born with severe birth defects. Some of Paulsen’s victims died, while others suffered various cancers or permanent and debilitating medical conditions. The AEC at the time stated they meant to conduct long-term follow-up medical exams “to ensure the men didn’t develop tumors or other problems”, but they became busy with making nuclear bombs and forgot. It was interesting that NASA was sufficiently interested to learn more about the potential effects of radiation on their astronauts’ testicles, that NASA officials and some astronauts even attended Heller’s informational meetings, but then failed to appear for the actual radiation sessions. No idea why.


Paulsen was arrogantly unapologetic to the end, displaying no remorse or even responsibility for the pain and often permanent disabilities and suffering his experiments inflicted, claiming he did no wrong. Also, and very strangely, Paulsen objected to follow-up exams, saying they were unnecessary for medical reasons, and apparently refused to participate. Today, after huge lawsuits,[27]the government will pay each victim about $50,000, but that may not be simple because Paulsen refuses to release his records containing the names of his victims and their exposures, perhaps because something even more sinister is lurking in those documents.


Mosquito Bites


In terms of the victimisation of civilians, one of the largest single programs ever conducted by the US, was a joint effort between the US Military and Secretary of State Cordell Hull to find anti-malaria drugs. No idea why the State Department would be involved, but they gathered almost 1,000 patriotic, America-loving inmates from several prisons around the country and infected them all with the most virulent strain of malaria, then attempted various cures – most of which had no effect. The men were told only that they were “helping the war effort”, and their supposed eagerly-signed consent forms proved to have all been fabricated. In a similar experiment, four hundred convicts in Chicago were infected with malaria to study the curative effects of new drugs, those curative effects unfortunately being minimal to none. Nazi doctors later put on trial at Nuremberg cited this American study as a precedent in defending their own actions. We may never know for sure, but there are so many events of this kind that it is at least possible that during the Second World War, US prisons had more casualties than did the US military.


Tired Blood

The US Navy sponsored an experiment where Harvard University biochemist Edward Cohn (Cohen) injected 64 Massachusetts prisoners with cow blood, [28] to “see what would happen”. No report on what actually did happen, but it couldn’t have been good. Actually, later reports surfaced with testimony that the injections of beef blood into humans was “catastrophic”. Exactly what the US Navy learned from this, I cannot imagine.


And So Many More


Many military human experiments were fatal, and were expected to be such. US Army doctors in the Philippines infected prisoners with bubonic plague and beriberi. Professor Richard Strong of Harvard University intentionally infected Filipinos with cholera and the plague, without the consent of the patients, and without informing them what he was doing. Of course, the subjects all died, which was the reason they wouldn’t have consented in the first place.


Dr. Lauretta Bender: Child Psychiatrist From Hell


Dr. Lauretta Bender


Lauretta Bender was a neuropsychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital in the 1940s and early 1950s who pioneered electroshock therapy on small children – who then almost inevitably regressed into violent and catatonic states, many ending dead or in prison. [29][30] This passage from one article is typical of many, tending to whitewash the atrocities committed: “These infamous experiments transpired within the walls of Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital in New York City, New York, the oldest public hospital in the United States. It was these experiments that would assist in solidifying her prominence in the medical community, despite the fact that they would be considered entirely unethical today. While her experiments may have produced a deeper understanding of childhood mental disorders like Schizophrenia and Autism, these findings did not come without a tremendous cost: lifelong physical and emotional consequences her test subjects now had to face.”[31]The assertion that Bender’s experiments “would be considered unethical today” is disingenuous nonsense; they were in no way considered “ethical” in those days either, evidenced by the fact that conscientious hospitals canceled the credentials of some of these doctors. Bender later expanded her treatments to include LSD and, in spite of her inhuman brutality, the NYT published a fine obituary when she died – as it did for the many dozens of such despicable persons.[32]


Lauretta Bender, at Bellevue Hospital and other institutions “pioneered” the horridly inhuman use of electroshock therapy on children, many of whom were simply shy children but who were incorrectly, and quite possibly deliberately, diagnosed as autistic or schizophrenic to justify their abuse. To cover all the bases, Bender often diagnosed them with “autistic schizophrenia”, thus doubling the need for electro-therapy. Bender even publicly flaunted what she described as “successes” in administering excessive and violent electroshock therapy to children as young as three or four, yet those successes were imaginary at best. The children subjected to her methods most often were shocked until they had seizures or lapsed into comas, then regressed into violent or catatonic states. The few who survived were returned to parents who called them “totally ruined”, with many later being unable to function in society, repeatedly imprisoned, committing suicide, and otherwise exhibiting destroyed lives.


A few of the children who endured her treatments and survived, have written to describe the horrible conditions not only during their “treatments”, but of being forced to sing and act happy in the face of brutality. One such child wrote:


“I was one of 300 children involved in an experimental program … I remember being dragged down a hallway, thrown on a table and having a handkerchief stuffed in my mouth so I wouldn’t bite through my tongue and that it took three attendants to hold me down. I kicked, tried to bite my captors, tried to escape their grip. I wanted to die but I didn’t really know what death was. I knew that it was something terrible. Maybe after the next shock treatment I won’t get up, and I’ll be dead. But I always got up. I memorized my name, I taught myself to say my name. Teddy, Teddy, I’m Teddy. I’m here, I’m here, in this room, in this hospital. And my mommy’s gone. I want to stop fighting and die. I didn’t know why I was kept alone in the hallway. I wanted to be with the other boys on the ward. Why didn’t they put some other boy out there so I would have someone to talk to? They said my crying was a symptom of my illness, and maybe if I kept crying, I would be there for the rest of my life. And there was no one there at night to hear me scream when the man came to rape me.”


To read their stories truly brings tears to your eyes, but not to those of Loretta Bender who clearly knew what she was doing but to the end expressed no remorse whatever. During Bender’s experiments, children as young as three years old were given massive shocks daily for weeks, much more frequently and at much higher voltages than were then used even on adults. This program was in every sense completely experimental, and was commonly called “regressive therapy” or “annihilation therapy”, which were attempts to erase the childrens’ memories and replace them with new ones, which process was very similar to the “depatterning” programs employed by Ewen Cameron work in Montreal for the CIA’s MK-UTRA program, a similarity that was not coincidental, and too similar to be independent.


To the extent the media and medical historians have discussed Bender’s atrocities, they have focused exclusively on her electroshock treatments, but there were many more atrocities applied to at least hundreds and possibly thousands of other children. Her work expanded quickly to include biochemical as well as electrochemical experiments, and especially cooperating with Gottlieb (of MK-ULTRA infamy) on the use of LSD on these small children. Bender also performed her “annihilation” therapy using electroshock, insulin and LSD, as well as another dangerous drug named Metrazol, on well over 500 adult patients and another large but undetermined number of children, at several New York Hospitals.


Bender admitted in a paper that she had been experimenting for years on many thousands of small children. In one paper, she wrote of one location, the Creedmore State Hospital, where she had “a resident population of 450 patients, ages 4 to 15, [where] we have investigated the responses of these children to lysergic acid [LSD] and related drugs in the psychiatric, psychological, and biochemical areas.” Over many years, Bender repeatedly injected these children with LSD, amphetamines, psylocibin, and other psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs, looking especially for drugs that affected what she called “hyperkinetic” and “sexually stimulated” children. These studies were done without informed consent, on poor children who were captive in an institution, and who were very often and perhaps deliberately mis-diagnosed as schizophrenic or otherwise confined for questionable reasons and with even more questionable authority. Bender’s LSD and other drug studies were funded primarily by the same CIA front company that financed Ewen Cameron, all part of Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA programs.


In a 1970 paper, she described the dosages she gave and the violent physical responses in these small children, documenting results such as “autonomic nervous system disorders, pallor and vomiting, very distraught, breaking windows, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and weight loss”. She noted her extensive history over ten years in using LSD on children and that one of her superiors strenuously objected. In her words, “He was very much opposed to the use of LSD to produce psychotic episodes as a method of therapy, and we had some difficulty in getting him to let us use the drug on children … If one is patient and persists with the drug, one can get most children to tolerate it very well … We also used, as the years went by and new drugs came in, all of the [new drugs] … The psychotropic drugs can be given in larger doses to children than to adults.”


Bender specialised not only in LSD and mescaline, but in a drug called Metrazol, which produced violent convulsions. Albarelli and Kaye wrote of its use by Bender [33] and also the CIA in some of their many such ‘therapeutic’ experiments. They noted that “during the same ten-year period in which Metrazol (also from Sandoz) was used by the Vermont State Hospital, patient deaths skyrocketed.” The effects are violent, to say the least, the twisting and jerking “often resulting in broken bones, most often broken backs and necks, and joint dislocations are not uncommon.” And this is only one of the drugs Bender was administering to small children.


Another important contribution by Albarelli and Kaye was in documenting some of Bender’s contacts and associates, virtually all who were involved with Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA project, including Drs. Harold A. Abramson, Paul Hoch, James B. Cattell, Joel Elkes, Max Fink, Harris Isbell, Lothar Kalinowsky and Abraham Wikler. They noted Hoch and Cattell were responsible for killing Harold Blauer with that massive dose of mescaline; Abramson the man involved in Frank Olson’s murder, Elkes, Wikler and Isbell from the CIA’s MK-ULTA LSD experiments at the Kentucky prison farm; Fink and Kalinowsky the godfathers of electroshock in America. They wrote, “According to one CIA document, Fink boasted that “an individual could gradually be reduced through the use to electroshock treatment to the vegetable level.” This surely was information available to Bender, as would have been many of their other experiments. Albarelli and Kaye wrote a fine, well-researched article on this topic, titled, “The CIA’s Shocking Experiments on Children Exposed — Drugging, Electroshocks and Brainwashing”. [34]It is available online and I recommend everyone read it.


A website named, published another valuable article, which stated, “Torturing an individual and reducing him to the level of a vegetable, was found to be the ideal way to reprogram him for carrying out tasks like political assassinations.” It detailed some of the extensive similar programs carried out in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, all using electroshock, LSD, various other drugs, sometimes physical torture, often rape, especially of females, all in the same quest for ‘depatterning’ and annihilation therapy’. In Australia, psychiatrist Dr Harry Bailey managed to kill at least 48 patients before his CIA-funded facility was closed down. In New Zealand, children received electroshocks without anesthetic, to their genitals and legs, in an attempt to modify their behavior – exactly the same practice used to torture political prisoners. In the UK, electroshock is still used today, even on pregnant women and children, with “the developing brain of the baby [having] 220 volts of electricity run through it”.


The same website also wrote this, omitting the most important part:


“ECT was and is widely popular in repressive regimes worldwide as a means of subduing political prisoners. The Chilean secret police regularly applied electrodes to the arms, head, legs, and genitals of its victims. A British doctor named Sheila Cassidy was repeatedly tortured on what is known as the parilla, a metal grille on which the victim was forced to lie naked and repeatedly electroshocked. This method of torture, also used in Argentina and Brazil, was used to maximize pain, degradation and helplessness for the victim. The violent muscles contractions of victims’ restrained limbs sometimes caused them to fracture. Some victims also died. Libya, Morocco, Vietnam and South Africa also used electroshock torture on political victims.” The part these authors omitted was the fact that all these regimes mentioned above, received their training in electroshock and every other means of torture and repression from our good friends the Americans, courtesy of Gottlieb and the CIA.


Bender was described as arrogant, argumentative, vain, proud, unreceptive to even obviously-justified criticisms, and apparently quite unable to recognise even the most obvious flaws and shortcomings in both herself and her inhuman experiments, and certainly refusing to admit any lack of either ethics or humanity in her experiments. The New York Times was as oblivious as Bender herself to the woman’s monstrousness. According to their obituary written by Joan Cook:


“Dr. Lauretta Bender, a child neuro-psychiatrist, researcher and educator, was known for developing, in 1923, the Bender-Gestalt Visual Motor Test, a neuropsychological examination that has become a worldwide standard. She spent many years researching the cause of childhood schizophrenia and was responsible for studies on child suicides and violence. In 1955, Dr. Bender received the Adolf Meyer Memorial Award for her contributions to the understanding of schizophrenic children. She was a staff member of Bellevue Hospital and senior psychiatrist in charge of Children’s Services there, a post she held for 21 years.” [35]

Another writer had a different take on this: “Bender remained a respected doctor and researcher until her retirement and got a laudatory obit in the NYT which doesn’t even mention her twinship with Joseph Mengele. Her work is still cited in papers on childhood schizophrenia despite her being a racist who “never wrote off black primitivity as a theoretical possibility” and despite the fact that she was f***ing insane as well as a child torturer.”


Albert Kligman


Dr. Albert Kligman described his non-consenting prisoners as “acres of skin” to experiment on.


In another series of experiments that lasted until at least the late 1970s, prisoners in Pennsylvania were used for extensive dermatological and other research. Dr. Albert M. Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania led the experiments on behalf of the US Military, Monsanto, the Dow Chemical Company, and Johnson & Johnson. Dow Chemical wanted to know the effects on humans of dioxin and other herbicides it was manufacturing for the war in Vietnam, and to satisfy their professional curiosity Kligman injected dioxin – the highly toxic, carcinogenic component of Agent Orange – into 70 mostly black prisoners, leaving them untreated to see what would happen. The experiments were intended to cause harm, the subjects receiving dosages far exceeding accepted guidelines in order to determine the threshold at which damage occurred, after which the studies were buried. There were no follow-up studies after the tests, and all records of the prisoners’ identities were destroyed. Dow Chemical paid Kligman handsomely for his work. In an article titled, “Dr. Albert Kligman and the Horrors of Holmesburg Prison“, it states, “a prominent dermatologist and an Ivy League university had taken over the city jail and turned it into the nation’s largest human research program.” [36][37] (My emphasis)


Exposure to dioxin can cause lifelong skin and respiratory problems, including the growth of lesions all over the exposed areas.


“Dr. Kligman injected his victims with a reported 468 times the recommended “safe” dose of dioxin, which is known to work as a blister agent and systemic toxin. His eventual findings, if any, are not known. We also do not really know what happened to the prisoners he poisoned – their names were among the records that Kligman destroyed to cheat justice.” [38] And yet the University of Pennsylvania chooses to honor this man: “An outstanding clinician, researcher, and educator. A visionary leader” who led “an extraordinary life.” That’s how the University of Pennsylvania describes Albert M. Kligman on a fund-raising page for a lectureship in his name.”[39]And the New York Times gave him a fine obituary as it always does for human monsters. [40]


In an article on human medical experiments conducted by Kligman, the ahrp states,[41]“Under his direction hundreds of painful experiments were conducted involving nearly 1,000 inmates. He recalled his first visit to the prison: “All I saw before me, were acres of skin . . . It was like a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time.”[42]Kligman proceeded to exploit those “acres of skin” testing a garden variety of toxic chemicals including, psychopharmacological experiments such as, LSD, BZ; radioactive experiments, infectious diseases agents, and skin product experiments on behalf of 33 pharmaceutical companies and secret service government agencies. In 1964, Medical News reported that 9 out of 10 Holmesburg prisoners were subjects of his medical experiments. Even benign tests involving toothpaste, detergents, hair dye, and deodorant involved painful biopsies. One Army-funded experiment, focused on “the effects of poisonous vapors on the skin.” The study included machines “that create radioactive isotopes” and drop “small amounts” of highly toxic substances “on a limited area of [the inmate’s] skin.” Kligman proclaimed, “This is a program for national defense . . . once such vapors get through the skin, they can destroy the nerve system and the central function of the brain.” Similar experiments were conducted at Edgewood Arsenal on U.S. soldiers.


Even when recognising the appalling lack of ethics involved, the historical record is being sanitised by columnists making repeated references to cases of “skin irritation”, or simply “pimples”, as the only effects, ignoring the huge accumulated body of evidence of genetic disruption and birth defects produced in Vietnam, as well as multiple organ damage. Even a Dow Chemical official warned Kligman that the material “is highly toxic” and that even minuscule amounts (half a microgram, i.e., half a millionth of a gram) injected into animals produces “severe liver and kidney injury and is always fatal”.Yet Kligman was apparently giving doses as high as 7,500 micrograms, which is 500 times the dosage Dow Chemical authorised for humans, while claiming no “clinical evidence of toxicity”. Since it is impossible that such huge dosages would produce no medical effect on humans, the most likely explanation is that the results were observed and the records shredded. Since then, tens of thousands of people, including war veterans and prison survivors, have filed lawsuits over their exposure to dioxins, claiming cancer and liver and kidney damage, and malignant tumors and birth defects in their children.


As to the lack of awareness of ethical considerations, Kligman is quoted as saying, “It was years before the authorities knew that I was conducting various studies on prisoner volunteers. Things were simpler then. Informed consent was unheard of. No one asked me what I was doing. It was a wonderful time.”


However, as with Lauretta Bender and so many other heroes of American medicine, the dioxin killings were the smallest part of Kligman’s atrocities and the only ones mentioned in the literature, their history being sanitised to the maximum extent possible. Kligman may have become rich by developing a skin cream, but his greatest contribution to the world of depravity lay not with skin but with LSD and other similar drugs, once again a part of Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA program. In the early 1960s, the US military paid Kligman and his colleague Herbert W. Copelan, also a professor at the University of Pennsylvania nearly $400,000, an immense sum at the time, and the largest single sum ever paid for human experimentation. Their job was to determine, for a group of seven mind-altering drugs, the minimum effective dose necessary to totally disable or incapacitate 50% of a population, presumably by inducing psychotic states.


I would add here that due to his prior history, Kligman was one of only two persons in US history to have been permanently banned by the FDA from entitlement to test new drugs on human subjects, a ban that was widely publicised at the time. This is noteworthy because, immediately following the ban and its publicity, the US military and CIA paid Kligman the $400,000 and engaged his services to test new drugs on human subjects. To add to the issue, Kligman was not banned for the human atrocities he committed, but because discrepancies were discovered in his data, thereby lessening the potential utility of some of those atrocities. There is a lesson in here, somewhere, perhaps two lessons.


For these latter studies, the CIA provided Kligman and Copelan with portable buildings in the prison yard that were essentially torture experimentation laboratories, and for about four years they utilised many hundreds of inmates as guinea pigs in their top-secret chemical warfare experiments. The prison’s contract was actually with the University of Pennsylvania who provided the scientists while the prison provided the victims and the CIA provided the money. Epstein wrote that the University had apparently already contracted with the prison to provide unlimited inmates for testing for pharma companies, so this was just one more contract. Kligman and Copelan claimed that none of their subjects suffered lasting harmful effects, though as Kaye noted, “documents revealed later would prove otherwise”, those documents apparently revealing the inmates were extensively exposed to chemical agents that could easily cause permanent and irrevocable damage, perhaps mental as well as physical.


And, true to form, all parties involved, certainly including any government agencies as well as the University of Pennsylvania and, of course, the media led by the New York Times[43] are very busy sanitising the historical record and air-brushing the truth. According to Wikipedia[44] and the popular press, Kligman is simply a man who became a multi-millionaire from the invention of popular acne medication, “a prolific scholar” famous for “bringing scientific rigor” to studies, “a boy scout who had a love of plants” and was even “the captain of his school’s gymnastic team”. Denise Gellene of the New York Times tells us Kligman, “the author of hundreds of scientific papers”, may be remembered for using inmates to test “a variety of substances that included deodorants and shampoos”, as well as maybe a few toxic things on behalf of “several governmentagencies”. The University of Pennsylvania website praises Dr. Kligman as “an innovative, captivating teacher [who] inspired generations of researchers and clinicians … a giant in the field …”. Dr. John R. Stanley of the University’s School of Medicine claims Kligman was “innovative and very charismatic, and he inspired people …”. No detail on what he inspired them to. It shouldn’t go unsaid that in the West, we remember German scientists quite differently from their American counterparts. And in fact, in the Nuremburg hearings, the Germans repeatedly stated that they were copying experiments done in the US, and if those were okay in America, why weren’t they okay in Germany?


A man named Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University law professor, said Kligman’s experiments may not have been very nice, “but there was such an overreaction to it that virtually all beneficial research stopped”, and that by focusing on outrages in prisons, “We froze out high-quality science”. So, by publicising Kligman’s inhuman experiments, all “beneficial research” stopped, especially the “high-quality” science kind. And Kligman’s remorse? Only the fact that he was barred from research due to “data discrepancies” which, he claimed, were the fault of inmates he had paid to do his record-keeping for him. “That was dumb”, he said, his trusting reliance on inmates “very nearly ruined me.


Saul Krugman


Saul Krugman


From the 1950s onward, mentally disabled children at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York were intentionally infected with viral hepatitis by feeding them an extract made from the feces of infected patients. Saul Krugman of New York University promised the parents of mentally disabled children that their children would be enrolled into Willowbrook in exchange for signing a consent form for procedures that he claimed were “vaccinations.” In reality, the procedures involved deliberately infecting children with viral hepatitis.


For almost 20 years, Dr. Krugman conducted large-scale studies at The Willowbrook State School for retarded children, primarily funded by the US military, the initial purpose of the studies being to develop a vaccine to protect US military personnel from the often-fatal ravages of viral hepatitis. Unfortunately, Krugman’s strategy was to use many hundreds of retarded children ranging from three to about ten years of age as disposable lab material for his experiments. Since parents were understandably reluctant to have their already-disabled small children exposed to a potentially-fatal disease, Krugman would often apply coercion and extortion, falsely insisting that participation in his experiments was a prerequisite for admission to the state school. Poor working-class families needing this kind of child care were therefore under considerable duress and often left in a helpless position, though there is no evidence they had any useful understanding of what would actually be done to their children. The parents were typically required to sign a consent form that falsely misrepresented Krugman’s procedures as “vaccinations” when they were clearly no such thing.[45][46]


Having thus obtained “permission”, Krugman would then immediately infect all newly-arrived children at the institution with hepatitis, then study the progression and effects of the disease, hoping eventually to learn if something might be done. His method of infection was imaginative, to say the least. Krugman would obtain feces from hepatitis patients, mix the feces into milkshakes, and feed them to the children, without apparent concern about the trail of severe liver damage and other disabilities and deaths, that necessarily followed his experiments. Krugman did eventually discover a useful vaccine, but at a terrible price in small human lives.


The historical record also tells us that many of the Willowbrook staff eventually quit their jobs in disgust over Krugman’s experiments and his deceit in providing assurance to parents while killing their children, many later testifying to the extortionate pressure imposed onto parents. After the staff made public their concerns, a New York reporter conducted an investigation and published articles outlining “a host of deplorable conditions, including overcrowding, inadequate sanitary facilities, and physical and sexual abuse of residents by members of the school’s staff.” The school was then closed.


True to form, the establishment and media circled the wagons and produced a beautifully-revised though entirely false history of the man and his career. We are treated to singing praise of “Dr. Krugman’s far-reaching achievements” with poetic descriptions of how, “in a long and elegant sequence of studies” he learned something about hepatitis. To be frank, I am not entirely certain that feeding feces to three-year-old children would qualify as an ‘elegant’ practice, but then nobody asked me to write Krugman’s obituary. And we had even more pathetic justifications flooding the media. One Franz Inglefinger, the editor of a medical journal, wrote that “By being allowed to participate in a carefully supervised study … the patients themselves benefited”, though it wasn’t immediately clear how a three-year-old child drinking hepatitis-infected feces, and then dying, would have considered that a benefit. But no matter. In recognition of the far-reaching achievements from his elegant studies, Krugman was made President of the American Pediatric Society. And that’s how we do things in America, the land of human rights.


We cannot leave this topic without noting that the New York Times, true to its ethnic roots, wrote yet another glowing obituary on yet another human monster: “”Saul Krugman has done more to eliminate pediatric infectious diseases than any other person ever.” [47]


Ahrp notes [48] that Krugman was honored in many circles: “Dr. Krugman won several awards from his medical peers who called his work, “groundbreaking” without any thought about the abuse and suffering of the children he infected. An expose by Geraldo Rivera in 1972, led to a NYS consent decree that forbids the incarceration of mentally retarded children in large institutions. That same year, Dr. Krugman was elected president of the American Pediatric Society.” Following its typical pattern, the New York Times is effusive in its praise of Dr. Krugman: [49] “He established one of the country’s first comprehensive children’s health clinics, setting a pattern for medical centers elsewhere in the country. He and his co-workers evaluated newly developed vaccines against polio, measles, rubella and hepatitis B. In his crowning achievement, he unraveled the mysteries of viral hepatitis and helped defeat that family of debilitating diseases.”


Eugene Saenger


Eugene Saenger


Dr. Eugene Saenger was a radiologist at the University of Cincinnati who was contracted by the US military to collect some useful information on the effects on humans of full-body exposure to nuclear radiation. The military primarily wanted to know how much nuclear radiation a soldier could absorb on the battlefield. Saenger, being a true patriot, proceeded to collect poor black patients at the university hospital and, without informing them of what was happening, exposed them to the equivalent of about 20,000 chest x-rays in the space of one hour. After the vomiting, bleeding, convulsions and other normal responses to intense overdoses of radiation, all the patients died. Many of these were small children. The official number is often quoted in the 80s and sometimes 100, but the actual total is likely in the many hundreds; with the US military and the media so eager to whitewash everything, we will never know the entire truth. Saenger presented signed consent forms testifying to the childrens’ willing participation in their own demise, but it was later learned that the signatures on the forms had all been forged. [50][51][52] (photo: Dr. Eugene L. Saenger Credit…Patrick Reddy/The Enquirer, via Associated Press)


One physician wrote that “What happened here is one of the worst things this government has ever done to its citizens in secret”, but Saenger claimed his only purpose had been to improve treatment and survival rates, and that “none of the deaths” had been caused by his radiation. Nevertheless, the courts disagreed and lawsuits against Saenger, the University of Cincinnati and the US military, were successful, at least for the surviving families of the victims. But no matter. The Radiological Society of North America gave Dr. Saenger a gold medal for his “careerachievements” in helping to reduce the nation’s surplus poor.


Saenger wasn’t the only physician performing similar experiments, and this set of experiments was by no means the only one he performed. Authoritative sources document that during a period of perhaps 20 years, more than 4,000 similar radiation experiments were conducted on tens of thousands of Americans by physicians funded by the US military. The historical record is so fragmented and the practice so widespread, the documents so often destroyed and follow-ups so seldom performed that there is no way to know the resulting toll of disabilities, ruined lives and families, and of deaths. The man was arrogant to the end, claiming, “These people were sick. We gave them this treatment to see . . . whether we could improve their condition.” One would think that after 50% of the subjects expired within weeks, it might have occurred to Saenger that their condition was not improving, but then maybe things are different in America.


Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post wrote a good article titled “American Mengele”, in which he added a poignant note of the solemn obligation felt by the University of Cincinnati toward the victims of their sponsored radiation experiments, and their eloquent expression of that sentiment. In his article, he wrote of a memorial erected by the University to commemorate the victims of Saenger’s atrocities conducted on their premises. The lovely memorial is situated behind a dumpster and up a short set of cracked concrete steps surrounded by weeds between the hospital’s kitchen and its parkade. To quote Grimm, “There, between the hospital’s backside and its looming parking garage, beneath a shaggy maple tree, was a small plaque set a foot and a half off the ground. It read: “Dedicated to the Patients of the Radiation Experimentation.” Below, in tiny print, were the names of over 170 “patients” whose involvement in the “Radiation Experimentation” would prove to be their last act on earth.” Grim ended by stating “The number of Americans murdered by Dr. Saenger’s research remains in dispute because much of the evidence that could have been used to implicate the hospital and the DOD was destroyed. But this much we know: the hospital was paid over $850,000.”


The New York Times of course published a lovely obituary on Dr. Saenger[53]beginning with the claim that his research “contributed tothe establishment of radiation safety standards for patients”, though it wasn’t immediately clear how frying a pregnant woman with radiation helped to establish a safety standard. Another obituary claimed that a major theme of Saenger’s “distinguished career” was toward “the responsible use of radiation in medicine”, and that he became a leader in the “risk-benefit analysis of employing radiation” in hospitals. It’s not easy to respond to vacuous claims like this. The risk-benefit portion in Saenger’s experiments is obvious – much benefit to the military and no personal risk to him, but how do we equate the responsible use of radiation with overdoses that kill every patient? Many articles on this man take note of the fact that he apparently was “one of the international experts called in to assess the hazards” of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in the Soviet Union in 1986. I must say my first thought in reading this comment was that someone should have called in some experts to assess the hazards a bit closer to home.


In this case as in all others the historical record is being air-brushed and Photo-shopped to sanitise the perpetrators of atrocities and the institutions that supported them. Media reports and medical or historical textbooks consistently make claims of good intentions, yet it is abundantly clear that Saenger knew full well he was involved in a grand deceit which the media now do their best to conceal. Saenger wrote in a staff memo that “… physicians, nurses and ward personnel are instructed not to discuss [symptoms of radiation poisoning] with the patient. Do not ask the patient whether he has these symptoms.” Even more, hospital staff were expressly forbidden to inform test subjects that they could expect “death from bone marrow failure within 40 days.” And in his study summaries to the military, Saenger made it very clear the patients were not to be informed of what would be done to them. He wrote, “The patient is told that he is to receive treatment to help his sickness. There is no discussion of [lethality] resulting from the treatment.”


One columnist wrote, “Depending on what you’re reading, Dr. Eugene Saenger is either a hero or a monster.”, noting that the real purpose of his experiments was simply to determine the maximum radiation doses to which humans could be exposed, the levels at which permanent severe damage and death occurred. Saenger complied, to the death. Moreover, there is some evidence that it was Saenger who approached the military with a proposal for this study, claiming the information gained “would be useful on the nuclear battlefield”. In this study as in so many others, deaths were valuable because the cadavers could be used for full autopsies which would provide much more information. Due to the obviously terminal intent of the experiment, the clear fact that the subjects were all expendable and meant to die, there was a Congressional hearing convened. As one would expect, documents were shredded in advance, everybody lied, and the entire affair was once again swept under the carpet with the illusion yet again of the nation having had the courage to face its sins.


Chester Southam


Chester M. Southam


In the early 1960s, the US media were abuzz with headlines and stories about a physician named Dr. Chester Southam who had been injecting and transplanting live cancer cells and cancerous material into hundreds of unsuspecting victims for more than a decade, in secretive research financed partially by the National Institute of Health (which also sponsored the Tuskegee syphilis study), and apparently with funding from the US military. In retrospect, and connecting all the dots, it appears Southam’s work was almost certainly done in conjunction with Eugene Saenger’s radiation work and other experiments conducted at around the same time, and quite probably part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA project.[54][55]


“The front-page headline of the New York World-Telegram on Jan. 20, 1964 shocked readers: “Charge Hospital Shot Live Cancer Cells Into Patients.” The stunning accusation was that Brooklyn’s Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital, a facility known for serving an elderly population and those in need of long-term physical care, was “conducting cancer experiments on unsuspecting non-cancerous patients.” The experiments were the idea of Dr. Chester Southam, a noted immunologist at Sloan-Kettering Hospital, who suggested a collaborative research project with the JCDH.” A “collaborative research project” with the Jewish hospital.


Southam was an immunologist working at the Sloan-Kettering Hospital and had organised a research project at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in New York, ostensibly to evaluate human immune responses to cancers. Several of his staff refused to participate, resigned in protest, and took their story to the media. The ensuing firestorm of outrage put an end to Southam’s experiments, but rather too late for most of his victims. But Southam didn’t begin his experiments at the hospital. Instead, years earlier, he began injecting live cancer cells and transplanting malignant tissue into hundreds of prisoners at the Ohio State Prison. He later claimed he “wanted to know for sure” if cancer was contagious, and so used inmates as test platforms for his theories. There is evidence that he began even earlier than this, initiating similar experiments at Sloan-Kettering where he worked, then dramatically expanded his experiments to the prison and eventually the Jewish hospital.


Southam was obviously well aware of the risk of causing cancers in his victims, but had an idea that the immune systems of healthy individuals might reject cancerous cells and wanted to test his theories. He was very careful to keep his victims uninformed of the realities of his tests, telling some they were receiving “cells” of some kind but with no mention of their malignant and potentially lethal nature.[56] In most cases, Southam apparently convinced officials his work had no need for consent, nor even that victims needed to know what was being done to them. He later claimed he simply “didn’t want to frighten” his victims with talk of cancer, then astonishingly stated he had no need to disclose any information to the patients because he wasn’t their doctor. Wikipedia foolishly, dishonestly, and entirely without evidence, claims Southam’s inmates were “a group of willing men”, all perfectly healthy, who eagerly wanted to be injected with live cancer cells because they felt “it was a way to return their debt to society”. [57] Just so it doesn’t go unsaid, I doubt very much there were many inmates so overcome with suicidal remorse over their crimes they wanted to enhance their punishment by dying from Southam’s cancers. The public outrage was sufficient to cause Southam to lose his medical license but, this being America, his license was soon reinstated and he was appointed President of the American Cancer Society.


From here, the story becomes more intricate and murkier, and this is where the CIA rears its ugly head yet one more time. Southam was not only infecting healthy people with cancers, but also with deadly viruses, in programs that began much earlier at the Sloan-Kettering hospital. Russian and other researchers had discovered that some viruses attacked cancerous cells, so Southam began by first infecting his patients to produce cancers, then infecting them with a range of viruses “to see what would happen”. What happened was that many patients contracted West Nile encephalitis, many becoming seriously ill and some dying. And it wasn’t only the West Nile virus. Southam also inoculated cancer patients with various other lethal viruses, causing brain damage in many of his victims.


With these failures, Southam just moved on to new approaches, some columnists lamenting that Southam is not revered today as “the father of viral therapy” or as a “patriarch in the field of immunotherapy”, but instead a notorious monster who set new standards in inhumanity and the lack of medical ethics. Some media apologists claim that “Such deceptive practices were not unusual during the Cold War era”, which claim is certainly true, but they claim also that “The concept of informed consent was still in its infancy”, which is patent nonsense. Everyone involved was fully aware of the criminality of their actions, evidenced by their often-desperate attempts to maintain secrecy. Many columnists and historians also claim the Nuremberg Code was regularly circumvented, which is true but can hardly be used as a justification or excuse.


The most serious part of Southam’s cancer and virus experiments directly involve the US military and the CIA since both these bodies had been pursuing for years the possibility of exploiting immune system damage, or immunosuppression, as a weapon. It was for this reason that Nixon combined the National Cancer Institute and the Frederick Cancer Research Center at Fort Detrick, making them full partners in the US military’s bio-warfare programs. It was here that the CDC and Fort Detrick, now fully staffed with depraved scientists due to Operation Paperclip, institutionalised the “critically important scientific activity” of a joint effort towards the cause and distribution of viral immunosuppression in mass populations, i.e., bio-warfare. As Edward Haslam and others have noted, Bill Donovan, the founder and director of the OSS (the precursor to the CIA), had been placed by the US military on the board of directors of the American Cancer Society, no doubt to both influence and manipulate civilian research for military and intelligence purposes.


There seems to be little cause for lingering doubt that the vast amount of research into cancers, viruses and radiation under the auspices of a fraudulent “Cancer Research Center at Fort Detrick were merely “a defensive cover for developing offensive cancer weapons”. In a UP article titled, “Death by Natural Causes: CIA’s Bizarre Ideas for Assassinations”, the San Francisco Chronicle stated, “At the height of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency looked into ways to ‘knock off key guys’ through such ‘natural causes’ as cancer … And, as related by several authors and historians, it was this work by Southam that produced the even more dangerous research experiments of crossing species barriers and combining lethal human and animal viruses as potential weapons for the mass culling of populations – which is where we are today, producing a multitude of GM-engineered pathogens suitable only for annihilating all human life on the planet.


Jerry Leonard wrote an informative, well-researched and annotated article titled “Cancer Man: The Government-Funded Cancer Injection Experiments of Chester M. Southam”, which presents and explains in detail the circumstances and consequences of Southam’s work with cancer viruses. The article is available online and is an excellent source if you are further interested. (NOTE: since first writing this article, all these references have been expunged from the Internet.) I have here a few excerpts from one of his articles: “It is possible that Saenger’s radiation experiments were conducted in conjunction with Southam’s cancer cell injections to determine the effects of the radiation treatment on the cancer transplant growth. It is also possible that some of the many government radiation experiments which have recently come to light … were used to intentionally induce tumors or leukemias in human subjects for the purpose of attempting to isolate viruses which might then be grown in cell cultures for later use in … experiments with humans.” Leonard noted that similar experiments had already been conducted with laboratory animals.


The “anticancer viruses” tested on humans in Southam’s early experiments may have been the anticancer compounds which congressional investigators discovered were systematically tested on cancer patients during the CIA’s controversial MK-ULTRA[58] program. If so, Chester Southam’s cancer transplant research may well have been covertly funded by the CIA through civilian research agencies in the same manner in which the bulk of the MKULTRA research was funded. Such a scenario seems increasingly plausible since recent investigations into the U.S. government’s unethical radiation testing on civilians have revealed that the institute where Southam was employed during his cancer transplantation research – the Sloan-Kettering Institute – was actively involved in conducting unethical research for the Department of Defense. The period … coincides with the time Southam and his colleagues were publishing papers on their barbaric cancer transplant research … CIA funding of these initial experiments would have great significance due to the type of cancer experimentation with immunosuppressive agents which followed Southam’s cancer transplant studies.


The goals and methods of Southam’s type of cancer research would have overlapped those of the military and intelligence agencies interested in chemical/biological warfare research. For example, Southam’s research provided a pretext for determining the capabilities and weaknesses of the human immune system – knowledge critical to both defensive and offensive biological warfare programs. Southam’s research also provided a pretext for performing various unethical experiments on human beings to determine their susceptibility to diseases including cancer and deadly tropical viruses.


Later research, which involved developing agents which could actively induce immune system destruction or immunosuppression for this type of cancer experimentation, would be even more applicable to biowarfare. (Researchers developed mouse and monkey AIDS viruses designed to knock out components of the immune system to assist in cancer transplants.) This is true since, if such immunosuppressive techniques could be controlled in humans and covertly applied on a large scale, they would effectively provide the ability to control the world’s immune system – thus allowing medical scientists to turn what might normally be relatively harmless human infections into fatal diseases and therefore biological warfare weapons.”


Allen Hornblum wrote an article for the New York Post on December 28, 2013, titled, “NYC’s forgotten cancer scandal”, [59][60] which I found refreshingly frank. Hornblum said he tracked down and interviewed Southam, who was reluctant to talk about the case but was still unwaveringly defiant and unconcerned that his victims might have contracted cancer from his injections. When Hornblum asked “What if they had?”, Southam replied, “If they did, we’d just cut it out.” He also noted that “Curiously Southam claimed to be completely ignorant of the infamous international laws which were designed to protect people against the abuses of unethical human experimentation such as that conducted by the Nazis. When asked about the Nuremberg Code, Southam claimed, “I was unaware of the Nuremberg Code and its code of conduct”.”


Hornblum concluded his article with this:


“Over the decades there have been numerous instances of equally cavalier researchers involved in unethical experimentation. Be it in mental asylums, orphanages, prisons, hospitals or the military, the lives of ill-informed and vulnerable test subjects have been routinely placed at risk. And all too often those who knew better and could have prevented or stopped egregious and injurious acts remained silent. Pity that more doctors didn’t follow the example of three Brooklyn physicians who knew right from wrong, understood what was ethical and what was not, and had the courage to say, “No, I will not place a patient at risk”.” But it could have been worse: He was never prosecuted and only received a one-year probation … And he was far from ostracized by his peers; Southam was elected President of the American Association for Cancer Research just a few years later. Obviously, breaching a code of medical ethics wasn’t an impediment to career advancement in the 1960s.”


One writer offered the opinion that it was only Southam’s “enthusiasm for understanding the immune system” that led him to inject hundreds of healthy people with live cancer cells and lethal viruses. It seems we should conclude Southam deserves our understanding and sympathy rather than our condemnation. After all, he was just excited about possible new discoveries and meant no harm, and besides, these experiments “almost cost him his career”, though I’m uncertain whether his hundreds of victims would agree. Not to be lost in this story is the appalling toll of human lives sacrificed by the US government and its various agencies and depraved scientists and medical doctors for the sake of gaining military advantage and domination.


In at least this one case, there was widespread objection that produced results. According to an article in ahrp: [61] “Three whistleblowers — Drs. Avir Kagan, David Leichter and Perry Fersko — refused to participate in the experiment. They complained to the NYS Board of Regents and to a hospital board member, William Hyman, who was a lawyer. Hyman accused Drs. Southam and Mandel of acting like Nazi doctors: “I don’t want Nazi practices of using human beings as experimental guinea pigs.” The whistleblowers resigned their position, and went public — which proved to be most effective. State attorney General Louis Lefkowitz who read about Southam’s research via the media, accused him of fraud and unprofessional conduct and demanded that the Board of Regents suspend his medical license. The NYS Board of Regents found Dr. Southam guilty of fraud, deceit, and unprofessional conduct, and revoked his license for one year. However, two years later, the American Cancer Society elected him President; once again, demonstrating that the medical establishment does not consider violations of medical ethics an impediment to career advancement.”


Harvard University’s “Cool” Medical Experiments


While the American establishment and the Jewish-controlled media made much noise about German hypothermia experiments, American and Jewish scientists were conducting their own, and very similar, experiments, under a cloak of media censorship. At Harvard University’s McLean Hospital and the University of Cincinnati, among other medical centers, Douglas Goldman, Maynard Murray, D. B. Dill, W. H. Forbes and John Talbott, tortured and killed numerous unwitting and helpless people in their despicable experiments, pretending “to study the effect of frigid temperature on mental disorders”. [62]


They collected scores of mentally-retarded patients, stripped them naked and placed them between layers of a kind of rubberised blanket through which a refrigerated fluid was circulated, bringing the body temperature to well below freezing, and left them there for a week. The patients were initially given an anesthetic to prevent their objections to being stripped naked and restrained on the platforms, the anesthetic wearing off within a few hours, after which these helpless individuals could do no more than lie there for days, cold, hungry, covered with urine and feces, while slowly watching themselves freeze to death. Our diabolical Mengeles apparently enhanced the experience of their fatal hypothermia victims by subjecting them to simultaneous electroshock therapy as well.


The few survivors reportedly suffered not only from permanent and excessive mental retardation, but severe emaciation with an irreparable loss of body mass in a pathology known as cachexia, in which the human body passes a hormonal ‘tipping point’ after which even excessive ingestion of food or intravenous nutrition results in continued loss of further body mass, inevitably ending in death. I’m not sure we need to use Nazi physicians at Dachau or Auschwitz as our poster boys for depraved inhumanity when we have examples like this so much closer to home.


These experiments were reported in the medical press of the time: (Goldman & Murray, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1943), (American Journal of Physiology, 1941). The University of Cincinnati even published a report describing a series of “Studies on the use of Refrigeration Therapy in Mental Disease”. Lovely.



The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment was conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the US Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis, under a pretense of the provision of free health care from the US government. Researchers collected about 600 black men, most of whom apparently were already infected with syphilis though none were aware of the fact, their participation in the study baited with promises of free medical care. [63][64][65]


The program’s stated goal was “to document untreated syphilis in a group of black men for 6-8 months then follow up with a treatment plan”, but there had never been any intent to provide treatment. Even after penicillin became known as a proven cure, the men were never informed of their diagnosis, and were not only discouraged from, but coerced against, seeking treatment that was freely available elsewhere. Branches of the US government established public health clinics throughout the area to eradicate the disease, but when these traveling treatment campaigns came to town, the researchers prevented their victims from participating. When almost half of this victim population registered for the draft during WWII, they were all diagnosed as syphilitic during their enlistment medicals and ordered to obtain treatment, but these same researchers prevented them from getting treatment, condemning all of them to a lingering death. Additionally, very painful and unnecessary spinal taps were frequently performed on many (or most, or all) in the study. All this so the effects of the progress of syphilis on the human body could be clearly observed as the men slowly degenerated and died. [66][67]


Tusgkegee Syphilis Summary


A participant in the Tuskegee study gets injected with what he thinks is medicine.


The researchers recruited some black physicians and nurses to assist in the study, their participation intended primarily to assuage other blacks, and to palliate and share blame. There is no evidence the blacks who assisted in this so-called study had any idea of its real intent, but rather believed they were part of a medical experiment that was in the best interests of all poor blacks in the area. Some today take apparent satisfaction, if not actual glee, in dismissing their moral responsibility by claiming that most of the black medical community offered full support for the continuation of the study, but there were no black doctors anywhere concurring with a plan to watch blacks dying from syphilis when a penicillin cure was freely available.


Many today make the claim that the study was not secret or clandestine, that it was performed openly, suggesting full transparency and disclosure, that it published many reports and data sets throughout its duration, but these claims are mostly smoke. The 40-year program was based entirely on deceit and deception. In a February 1992 interview on ABC, Dr. Sidney Olansky, who was for many years the Director of the study, spoke of the lies told to the victims: “The fact that they were illiterate was helpful, too, because they couldn’t read the newspapers. If they were not … they might have been reading newspapers and seen what was going on.” Researchers uniformly claimed the deceptions were necessary to ensure the men would stay in the study since they wanted to observe the course and the effects of this disease as it progressed from illness to death.


Two directors of the study, Dr. Oliver C. Wenger, and his assistant Dr. Raymond H. Vonderlehr, developed the inhuman policies of this program and intentionally deceived and misled the black victims in order to ensure their continued cooperation. They obtained the consent of their victims for the painful and dangerous spinal taps by telling the men they were receiving a “special free treatment”. Dr. John Heller, who was the Director of this Project for the Public Health Service, and the head of this program, defended the ethics of the study not only to the end but far past the end. In an editorial on Heller, one author summarised Heller’s real position as: “The men’s status did not warrant ethical debate. They were subjects, not patients; clinical material, not sick people.” Even the Nazis weren’t so arrogant and callous as to take such a position. Heller said further, using the same arguments the Nazis used for their experiments: “For the most part, doctors and civil servants simply did their jobs. Some merely followed orders, others worked for the glory of science.” The glory of science, indeed. This 40-year abomination was terminated in the 1970s when its existence was leaked to the media and a huge public outcry forced the researchers to stop. But by that time, almost all the test subjects had died, many of their wives had been infected, and dozens of their children had been born with congenital syphilis.


Some physicians and others learned of this study and brought their concerns to the authorities, only to face a stone wall of inhumanity. In 1996, Peter Buxtun, a San Francisco Health Service investigator, wrote to the Director of the CDC branch expressing his serious concerns. In response, the CDC “reaffirmed” the need to “continue the study until completion”, i.e., they issued a firm statement of their intention to continue their program of deception and the prohibition of treatment until all the subjects had died and been autopsied.


It was Buxton who finally went to the media in frustration, resulting in widespread public outrage and condemnation, an immediate Congressional investigation, the rapid termination of the study, and millions in compensation paid to the victims’ survivors. But, as always, those individuals responsible for one of the greatest human rights violations in US history, and almost certainly the longest-running, managed to escape even censure, much less the hangman. And even the CDC managed to escape with its reputation more or less intact, in large part thanks to its media friends who laid all the blame on various ephemeral branches of the US Public Health Service, instead of on the doorstep of the criminally-conceived CDC where it belonged.


In addition to the Nuremberg Code of the late 1940s, the Helsinki Declaration was adopted worldwide in 1964, specifying that any experiments involving humans required the “informed consent” of the participants, which treaty should have dictated a re-evaluation of the protocols at Tuskegee. But, since the CDC had long been granted effective immunity from both domestic and international law, and had already been involved in violations more abominably wicked than syphilis, nobody there was interested in either Codes or Declarations. The CBS journalist Harry Reasoner accurately described Tuskegee as an experiment that “used human beings as laboratory animals in a long and inefficient study of how long it takes syphilis to kill someone.”


In 1997, fully twenty-five years after this 40-year tragedy was revealed to the public, then-President Clinton finally apologised on behalf of the US government, and held a pathetic ceremony at the White House for surviving Tuskegee study participants – of whom there were only eight of the 600 remaining alive, most of whom refused to attend. And that’s how we do it in America when we’re caught with our hands in the money jar. Wait a few decades until all the smoke has blown away and all the participants have died, then turn a deplorable crime into a media event.


Guatemala Syphilis Summary


A doctor from Johns Hopkins examines Guatemalan men as part of a syphilis study in the early 1950s.


This was a truly astonishing event, an enormous crime against humanity planned at the highest levels of the US Department of Health and inflicted on a helpless and impoverished nation. The US government hatched a plan to use Guatemala as an enormous field laboratory and thousands of its citizens as lab rats. The US Health Service was at the time interested in researching syphilis and similar diseases, but were experiencing slow progress working with small animals in the confines of a laboratory. The government had conducted limited experiments on humans, generally on the helpless such as inmates in prisons, attempting to infect large populations with these diseases so as to better study them, but again without reliable results and were forced to abandon their experiments. The Directors of the US Health Service wanted to abandon animal testing and conduct massive experiments on live human population samples but this had become virtually impossible in the US since the enormous scandals in prior decades when American scientists deliberately infected large population samples by vaccinating them with various pathogens. Since then, almost all testing had been limited to animals. However, live human trials were deemed necessary and, since such experiments were considered “ethically impossible” to conduct within American borders, the US Health Service did what US pharma companies do today – they exported an unethical, illegal – and eventually fatal – human experiment to a poor and unsuspecting country[68][69][70]


Guatemala was ideal for this purpose since it was entirely under the control of the US government, economically, politically and militarily. At the time, the US-based United Fruit Company owned more than half of all the arable land in Guatemala, its railways and ports, and controlled most of the economy, with the US military and State Department controlling almost everything else, freely overthrowing and replacing the nation’s governments at will. US banks controlled all the nation’s cash reserves, making unconscionable millions by investing in New York real estate while paying the country only a tiny interest.


Hence, our Guatemala Syphilis experiment in which, between 1946 and 1948, US government health officials gathered nearly 6,000 of the powerless and defenseless: prisoners, mental patients, and nearly 1,500 children, as well as prostitutes, soldiers and others, deliberately infecting most of them with syphilis, gonorrhea, and a variety of other diseases of varying lethality. Of course, none of the victims knew what was happening, nor did they give consent to their participation. Most of the infected were not treated, and eventually all died. But in the end, apparently this massive study produced no useful medical information, and the records were buried and forgotten. The official story is that 83 of the victims died, but that is a massive lie of omission. The 83 listed deaths occurred during the first few years of the study when the Americans were still in Guatemala and still maintaining at least sloppy records. But diseases like syphilis do not kill quickly. They kill slowly and painfully, often requiring decades to complete their work of first destroying the victim’s soft tissue and bones, then covering the body with horrible yellow ulcers, later provoking blindness, total disability, heart failure and death. In later years, almost all 6,000 died.


This unconscionable travesty was planned by those at the very top of US medical society and the US military. The US Surgeon-General, the US Attorney-General, the Presidents of the American Medical Association and the National Academy of Sciences, the head of the US National Institute of Health, the Chairman of the National Research Council Subcommittee, the top medical officials from the US Army and Navy, the Rockefeller Foundation that funded much of this work, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and a wide range of medical experts from Harvard UniversityJohns Hopkins, the University of Rochester, the University of Pennsylvania, and more. Of the names worth remembering in this context, Dr. John C. Cutler would head the list, followed by Drs. Joseph Earle Moore and John F. Mahoney. John Cutler headed this experiment.


The “experiments” involved much more than simply infecting the victims with venereal diseases; they were injected with many kinds of “animal fluids and tissues”, and a large but undocumented number of individuals had syphilis injected directly into their brain stems on the pretense of looking for a cure for epilepsy. Nearly 1,500 children, some drawn from national orphanages, some abducted from local schools, were used in these appalling experiments, which often included injecting syphilis into lumbar punctures and brain stems. One victim, a woman still alive today, tells of being abducted by foreigners (Americans), stripped naked, laid on a cot, and ordered to open her legs for the insertion of a syphilis injection into her vagina. When she refused, she was slapped and beaten until she complied. She was 9 years old at the time. In addition, about 500 psychiatric patients were deliberately and repeatedly infected by intravenous or spinal injection, about half of whom eventually died. The fortunate victims died quickly from the infections, the remainder being left degenerate, deformed and in pain for their entire lives. Many infected their spouses and a great many of their children were born with congenital syphilis or other diseases. Few records were kept, and many of those destroyed.


The victims, and the officials, were told they were receiving a vaccination to study the effects of penicillin, but that was never true. Virtually the entire purpose of this vast human experiment was to find an easy way to reliably and consistently infect massive numbers of people. Initially, Cutler used prostitutes, hoping they would spread the disease to the soldiers and prison inmates, but when this proved ineffective, he resorted to more direct methods of infection. The researchers attempted applying subcutaneous and intravenous injections, cutting the genitals while injecting syphilis into the open wounds, hoping to increase transmission rates. When these methods proved ineffective, the Americans obtained a higher success rate by injecting syphilis and gonorrhea directly into the mens’ penises.


When those methods proved unreliable as well, Cutler moved into the mental hospitals, orphanages and schools, using the same subterfuge to obtain their consent to his experiments, with no indication that any of these institutions understood what was happening. Sexual exposure was not a realistic option in the mental hospitals and schools, so the Americans abandoned trivial attempts at infection and concentrated on direct injection of syphilis and other pathogens directly into the victims’ brain stems. A needle would be inserted into the back of the skull, some spinal fluid drained, then syphilitic fluid injected in its place. This procedure was performed on literally hundreds of victims. One well-documented case was a woman named Berta whose brain was injected with syphilis and left untreated for months. As her health deteriorated, she was re-infected with syphilis again, gonorrheal pus was put into her eyes, urethra, vagina and rectum, and she was again re-injected with syphilis into her brain stem. Within a few days of this “treatment”, the woman was apparently flowing with pus and blood, and she died a few days later. Hundreds of other hospital patients died as well. From the records I have seen, officials of these institutions believed the injections (inoculations) were a kind of medicine being administered.


According to Cutler’s own records, only a few of the victims ever received treatment, although he later claimed all subjects were treated. However, the “treatment” to which many were exposed consisted not of penicillin but of other toxic chemicals, many arsenic-based, and which would later prove debilitating or fatal.


There was an enormous amount of subterfuge involved in this travesty in Guatemala, being one of the most appallingly deceitful and contemptible human experiments ever devised. Cutler did not initially infect anyone, instead going to some lengths to earn local trust before proceeding with his plans. He contrived plans for disease prevention in the military. He provided treatment to Guatemalan soldiers and medical instruction, penicillin and other supplies to the military physicians. Cutler even performed some diagnostic testing among children in schools and orphanages, to earn the trust of the government and to obtain access to child victims. By this method, he obtained military agreement to have hospitals send him prostitutes, whom he then infected by every means with every venereal disease possible and sent to the soldiers. The women participated without realising they were being infected with a variety of diseases which they were expected to then pass on to all the soldiers, while the soldiers participated without realising their role as lab material. From all reports I’ve seen, the women and soldiers were mostly abandoned to their fate after having served their infectious purpose.


As he did in the similar experiments in TuskegeeCutler admitted telling no one that the vaccination material being injected into them was a dangerous pathogen. He wrote to a colleague, “As you can imagine, we are explaining to the patients and others concerned … that the treatment is a new one utilizing serum followed by penicillin. This double talk keeps me hopping at times … a few words to the wrong person here, or even at home, might wreck it.” His supervisor, R. C. Arnold, replied, “If some “goody organisation” got wind of the work there would be a lot of smoke. I see no reason to say where the work was done and the type of volunteer.” Cutler’s claim was that it wasn’t the fact of violating all the laws that was troublesome, but the need for secrecy to prevent anyone from realising the real purpose of his experiment.


“I hope that it will be possible to keep the work strictly in your hands without necessity for outside advisors or workers other than those who fit into your program and who can be trusted not to talk.” Cutler to Mahoney; May 17, 1947. “I’m writing this letter personally and unofficially to ask you … it is imperative that the least possible be known and said about this project …” Cutler to Mahoney; June 22, 1947


It must not go unsaid that the apparent purpose of this vast experiment was to find a way for the US military to infect large portions of the population of a country with these genital diseases. This was military biological-warfare research at its worst, The simple facts are that American scientists had difficulty growing syphilis in their labs, little success in tests with animals, and so resorted to human experimentation. When the first attempts by the US Health Service to employ Cutler to infect so-called “volunteers” at the Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary (and similar attempts) failed, the US government concocted its scheme to inflate these hideous experiments to a massive scale and outsource the entire mess to a poor and ignorant country that was virtually a US colony where American medical witchcraft could be practiced without legal or moral restrictions. The US Surgeon-General at the time, a Dr. Parran, was quoted as gleefully boasting, “You know, we couldn’t do such an experiment in this country”.


In commenting on this American adventure in Guatemala, US writers and publications go to great lengths to deflect much of the responsibility and blame on the Guatemalan government and scientists, claiming the entire idea of infecting thousands of Guatemalans with syphilis and other STDs originated with a US-trained Guatemalan doctor who “offered his country as a test lab” for these deliberate infections, and that all levels of authority up to and including the President of Guatemala were fully informed and approved of these experiments. One article solemnly stated,


“Between 1946 and 1948, the United States government under President Harry S. Truman in collaboration with Guatemalan President Juan José Arévalo, with the cooperation of some Guatemalan health ministries and officials … deliberately infected more than 1500 soldiers, prostitutes, prisoners and even mental patients with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.” Another states, “The records of the experiment suggest that Guatemalan government officials were fully aware of the tests [and] sanctioned them…”


But no evidence has ever been produced to document these scurrilous accusations. Even Dr. Parran openly acknowledged that the dirty details of the experiments “were hidden from Guatemalan officials”, which is precisely what one would expect, given the extreme lengths to which Cutler and his researchers went to avoid disclosure of the truth.


As a side note, Cutler may not have kept complete records of the worst parts of his experiments, but his wife who accompanied him on this and other medical adventures, and who was a professional photographer, apparently took thousands of photographs to document her husband’s work. Perhaps these photos included shots of Cutler injecting syphilitic pus into the brain stems of his victims. Apparently, she acted as her husband’s administrator, getting to know the repeat patients, maintaining records and photographing at least some of the more gruesome parts.


Cutler had absolutely no remorse about his reprehensible experiment and the massive eventual death toll, staunchly defending his experiments and actions in the media and in documentaries, and stating he had no regrets whatever about his ‘study’. I find it difficult to avoid the conclusion that John Cutler was simply insane, as was his wife. In his determination to infect people on a mass scale with syphilis and other venereal diseases, he not only attempted everything within the normal scope of human imagination but went far beyond. He tried multiple methods on the same individuals, he injected syphilitic pus into the penises and vaginas of men and women, he injected the bacteria into their veins and eventually directly into their brain stems. When those attempts failed to produce infections on a mass scale, Cutler attempted to jump species barriers, repeatedly injecting the pathogen alternately into various animals and humans. The real possibility of creating a continental pandemic was apparently the main purpose. On this topic, Susan Reverby tells us Cutler “did his best” to find reliable and repeatable means of infecting mass populations. His best, indeed.


These experiments remained secret for decades until they were accidentally discovered by American professor Susan Reverby* while conducting research on similar experiments done in the US. The good news is that when the study was revealed, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized to the government of Guatemala and the survivors and descendants of those infected, calling the experiments “clearly unethical”. She is quoted as saying,


“Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices.”


The bad news is that when the few victims remaining alive learned the truth of their conditions, they filed a $1 billion lawsuit in US courts, seeking compensation from the various participants, all of whom refused all guilt or liability, blamed somebody else, and claimed they would “vigorously defend” against the lawsuit. And, in one of the most cowardly and shameful acts in history, Hillary Clinton’s State Department said,


“The United States is committed to taking appropriate steps to address that wrong, (but a) lawsuit is not the proper vehicle – and this court is not the proper forum – through which the consequences of this shameful conduct may be resolved”. Translation: we will do nothing. I must say I found Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy outrageous and offensive, her infuriatingly fake apology coupled with her typically inhuman denial of real responsibility and cold-hearted refusal of compensation, stating that civil courts – in the most litigious nation in the world – were suddenly “not an appropriate forum” to dispense the required justice. However, Clinton’s opinion was not definitive. Finally, in 2019, A U.S. federal judge in Maryland has ruled that pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers SquibbJohns Hopkins University and the Rockefeller Foundation must face a $1 billion lawsuit over their roles in the atrocity. [71]


*I would note that the cover-up has been far more intense than my above descriptions might have suggested. PBS published a Newshour show where they stated that “Researcher” Susan Reverby was “floored” by the discovery of this travesty in Guatemala. [72]I have no doubt that Reverby was indeed surprised at her accidental discovery of Cutler’s buried archives that documented this atrocity, but her initial reaction was not quite as innocent as suggested by the media.


Susan Reverby was a Jewish professor of Women’s’ studies at Wellesley College, which is a private women’s liberal arts college in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She first waited five years to reveal the content of her discovery and, while it’s been some time since I read all her papers on the topic, some of her initial comments as I recall them, bordered on saying “So what?”. Reverby discussed this Guatemala episode in terms of “Metropole and Periphery”, which is another way of stating that the USA was the center of civilisation, and that the “Periphery” (i.e., the remainder of that entire area of the world) was simply there to be used as necessary by the “Metropole” (i.e., the USA, the shining mansion on the hill). As I recall, she did her best to discount the tragedies involved, suggesting that this was somehow the way the world was, and that we might as well like it because that really is the way it is. I do recall wondering at the time what this woman might have been putting into the heads of all those young girls at Wellesley.


Ethical Standards


A factor that consistently rears its head in any exposure or discussion of this program of US government criminality that spanned 100 or more years, involves persistent attempts to whitewash some of the greatest sociopathic enterprises of all time by pretending that “things were different, then”, that ethical standards have changed over time. We recently had a Dr. Michael Kilpatrick, a Defense Department medical adviser, telling us “It’s very hard to try and put today’s ethics on standards 20, 30, 40 years ago … I think they were trying to protect people using the medical science that was available at that time.” These claims are pathetically dishonest on so many levels.


For one, the Defense Department was not in any way “trying to protect people”; they were learning how to create weapons for biological warfare that would kill as many people as possible. For another, “the medical science that was available at that time” is irrelevant, perhaps not to their activities but certainly to their ethical standards. Dr. Kilpatrick is telling us that because medical science wasn’t as advanced 20 or 30 years ago, forcibly infecting prisoners and hospital patients with cholera, cancer, the plague, dioxins, plutonium, malaria, syphilis, gonorrhea, anthrax, were righteous and ethical activities, that they appear repugnant today only because our increased medical knowledge somehow mutated our ethical standards to a higher level. A Jewish bioethicist named Susan Lederer at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, claims “The standards of the 1940s were “a lot murkier” than those of today. The idea that it was so clear in 1946 to me doesn’t ring true.”


I disagree. I grew up in the 1950s and I can tell you that in 1950 there was nobody – and I repeat, nobody – alive at that time who didn’t know it was wrong to inject a pregnant mother with radioactive iodine, just for the sake of examining placental radiation transference, knowing it would cause a spontaneous abortion. In 1950, the US Department of Defense began a long program of detonating nuclear weapons in selected areas of the US, to monitor downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates. Nobody can claim American officials didn’t know it was wrong to conduct above-ground nuclear explosions near populated areas, nor that they didn’t know it was wrong to tell the women subsequently dying from leukemia and brain cancers they were suffering from “housewife syndrome”. Nobody can claim physicians didn’t know it was wrong to infect thousands of people with syphilis and to refuse them treatment, so as to study the progress of the disease. And if ethical standards were really so different in those days, why were the government and the military, the hospitals and institutions, and all the physicians involved, so desperately maintaining a high level of secrecy? Why were they repeatedly expressing in writing their fears of public condemnation and lawsuits?


The behavior that today we categorise as monstrous, as morally and ethically reprehensible, as conducted by sociopaths and psychopaths, and as unforgivably criminal, would have earned precisely the same condemnation 50 or 100 years ago. It is not at all difficult to apply today’s ethical standards to our recent past, because they have not changed, at least not within the general public. In fact, in 1865, French physiologist Claude Bernard published a medical text titled “Introduction to the Study of Human Experimentation”, in which he advised physicians to “Never perform an experiment which might be harmful to the patient even though highly advantageous to science or the health of others”. And in 1900, the Prussian Minister of Medical Affairs published the Berlin Code of Medical Ethics, which stated in part that “all medical interventions for other than healing” were prohibited if “(1) the subject was a minor or incompetent, (2) the subject had not given unambiguous consent, and (3) consent was not preceded by a proper explanation of possible negative consequences.” In 1907, Dr. Albert Leffingwell wrote, “At the beginning of a new century we are confronted by great problems. One of these is human vivisection in the name of scientific research. We appeal, then, to the medical press of America to beak that unfortunate silence which seems to justify or, at least, to condone it. Now and henceforth, will it not join us in condemning every such vivisector of little children, every such experimenter upon human beings? We make this appeal to it in the name of Justice and Humanity and for the sake of millions yet unborn.” Where does this leave Dr. Kilpatrick and his foolish claim of “20-year-old ethical standards”?


It is also necessary to point out that the lack of morality and ethics in the US government and the military, and in the large corporations, has not changed during the past 50 or 100 years. The US government, the military and the CIA, and multi-national business executives, are precisely the same morally-deformed sociopathic criminals they were 100 years ago. I have mentioned elsewhere that US Big Pharma now outsources its most dangerous and/or unethical drug trials and experiments to impoverished nations, often with the active assistance of the US State Department, creating the same human carnage there it once did at home. Nothing has changed. But Big Pharma learned these tricks in the classrooms of the master of deception – the US military. As far back as the 1950s and 1960s, the US military and CIA were ‘outsourcing’ the field testing of various pathogens to other nations, friend and enemy alike. For one, much of the testing of LSD and other hallucinogens was conducted in Europe and Asia, these surreptitious tests of European civilians done under the code name of “Project Third Chance”, while those in various Asian countries were code-named “Project Derby Hat”. This is how the CIA managed to poison and kill almost the entire population of a town in France – and escape undetected. [73][74]


I would also note that the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, in reviewing this matter, concluded that it was “Ethically Impossible” to perform such experiments. [75]




It is so distressing to read the accounts of all this horrific experimentation on ignorant and helpless human victims, then to see all the supposed authorities unanimously gloss over the criminality and psychopathic nature of the physicians performing the experiments and the institutions supporting them, to say nothing of the US government and military that funded them. Of course, the mass media are front and center in whitewashing these atrocities, led by the New York Times who know only praise for the most savage of practitioners.


Long after Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University was mixing human feces infected with hepatitis into milkshakes and encouraging the children to drink the “enriched mixtures”, the Journal of the American Medical Association praised Krugman’s “judicious use of human beings”. And, in a lovely display of ethics and compassion, the New England Journal of Medicine wrote, “By being allowed to participate in a carefully supervised study and by receiving the most expert attention available for a disease of basically unknown nature, the patients themselves benefited”. Sure, they did.


All the revered medical associations, the most respected American universities and hospitals, who all played major parts in these travesties, have today excised all knowledge of this topic, leaving only praise for the practitioners for their “contributions” to medicine. There is a long list of prominent American universities and hospitals that have carefully excised all traces of human experiments from their histories. This list includes MIT, Harvard, University of Rochester, New York University, University of Washington, Pacific Northwest Research Fund, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, University of Cincinnati, Columbia University, and more.


It is especially distressing that the WHO so often seems to play a supporting role in these travesties, downplaying or disregarding the tragic endings, and sometimes playing a more active part in actually instigating the experiments. The WHO is in the lead in this: Bhutta ZA, in an article titled “Beyond informed consent”, published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2004 Oct;82(10):771-7, blithely tells us, “The atrocities committed by the Nazis and by Japanese forces in World War II in the name of medical research shocked the world, and led to a new era in the regulation of medical research.” Lies of this magnitude should be punishable by flogging. In fact, it was after WWII that this unethical human experimentation multiplied a thousand-fold, and in most if not all Western nations.


Lastly, I would bring to the attention of readers that the contents of this essay are only a small part of a worldwide series of atrocities in human experimentation that has been carried out on an immense scale for much more than the past 100 years. It is odd that the Japanese have been granted  a kind of forgiveness and certainly a great deal of media and publishing anonymity for the extensive atrocities committed against China and other nations prior to and during World War II. This is in large part because the US had General Douglas MacArthur make a deal with the Japaneseto forego war crimes trials in return for delivering all their accumulated information on human experimentation. This is primarily the reason the topic has been so deeply buried that few of later generations have any knowledge of it.


On the other hand, we have all been incessantly exposed to allegedly horrific (but mostly unspecified and undefined – and generally false) terrible things the Germans did to other races during the same time period. Due to the perpetual media onslaught, this is so true that Germany and Hitler are considered by much of the world to be the “poster boys” for every manner of unethical human experimentation and cruelty. The great majority of these stories about Germany are  merely false urban legends while the real truths are to be found elsewhere, and the Germans are not even contenders for the prizes in this category.


I raise this issue here because the Americans have much surpassed even the Japanese in terms of human atrocities, but also because the Jews have surpassed even the Americans in this regard. And, in truth, many of the events and circumstances we attribute to Americans were in fact Jewish in both origin and execution. I won’t dwell on this here but I would point out that all the events listed in this essay are in the Jewish, rather than the American category. Almost every individual mentioned in this essay was a Jew: Henry Heiman, Susan Lederer, Edward Cohn (Cohen), Lauretta Bender, Albert Kligman,Saul Krugman, Eugene Saenger,  Chester Southam, Douglas Goldman, John C. Cutler, Elise Cutler, Herbert Copelan, Sidney Olansky, Oliver Wenger, John Heller, Harold Abramson, Paul Hoch, James Cattell, Joel Elkes, Max Fink, Harris Isbell, Lothar Kalinowsky, Abraham Wikler and many more.


In addition, virtually the entire management of the Tuskegee and Guatemala Syphilis experiments was Jewish. Far worse, the entire structure of the CIA’s horrific and long-lasting MK-ULTRA project was Jewish, from Sidney Gottlieb down. This is so true that many of these projects should be considered entirely Jewish in origin, nature, and execution.


The Jews escape this attention for several reasons. One is that they are widely-dispersed, living in a great many countries, whereas most Germans live in Germany and are thus more easily identified. Another is that Jews change their names, sometimes frequently, to adopt a local national name and thus disguise their Jewishness.


Yet another is that the world’s media and book publishing are primarily either Jewish-owned or controlled and they studiously avoid mention of these people as Jews. I would emphasise the power of the media in all these situations. Being virtually entirely Jewish-owned, the ability to “circle the wagons” and control information, and thus direct the public narrative, is enormous. As an obvious example, readers will be aware of the recent sex-trafficking scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein; of the literally hundreds of media articles or newscasts on this topic, I cannot recall a single one that mentioned Epstein was a Jew.


As one example of media coverage, we can refer to the New York Times. It is a matter of record that the Times produces mostly glowing obituaries on Jews of any prominence, ignoring the human atrocities they have committed and most often trivialising the events. This power and influence cannot be underestimated.


The New York Times, being entirely a devoted Jewish publication, published and Editorial on the Guatemala Syphilis experiments, and did a masterful job of whitewashing the entire mess. The editorial was simply replete with lies, while omitting most of the crucial facts. It begins by stating Cutler infected less than 700 persons when the admitted total is in the thousands. The Times editors tell us everyone infected was given penicillin to cure them, when in fact no one was treated in any way. The Times editors tell us that “The aim of the research was to test whether penicillin could prevent the transmission of syphilis”, when clearly the aim was to learn how to spread syphilis and increase the transmission, and the use of penicillin as a prevention was never applied, not in Guatemala nor in Tuskegee. They tell us the studies “were carried out in collaboration with” Guatemala’s top disease experts, government officials and institutions – another outright lie, a standard Jewish attempt to shift blame to the victim.


Yet when we research such topics as the evils of human experimentation, and dig beneath the surface, we find that Jews are very excessively represented, and that the combined atrocities in human experimentation that can be allocated accurately to Jews, we find that they will far outnumber any other race. In terms of human atrocities where irrefutable evidence is available, the Jews outnumber and surpass the Germans to such an extent that there is no basis for comparison. You may be surprised to learn this, but it’s the truth and can be rather easily documented. I will deal with this in more detail elsewhere.


Search engines like Google are notorious as being gate-keepers rather than genuine search engines. Google, being entirely a Jewish company, has two functions. One is to ensure that the unpleasant truths never appear in its searches, and the other is to ensure that it feeds you things it wants you to think. Websites like Wikipedia are similar. Another totally Jewish enterprise, Wikipedia is famous for its biases in so many areas, but especially anything involving Jews. This is so true there exists an international organisation, created in Israel, that encourages all Jews in all nations to search Wikipedia and “correct” any entries relating to Jews or Israel.


I  would mention one other item: it so often occurs, in this field as in many others, that these evil “practitioners” receive apparently substantial recognised “awards” for their efforts. But it is almost never mentioned that the organisations bestowing these awards are almost entirely Jewish, and seldom have any meritorious public standing. It is all a gigantic fraud. For example, Lauretta Bender received the Adolf Meyer Memorial Award, a plaque from a Jewish organisation formed to propagate the reputation of a Jew who had committed other crimes. Worthless, but plays well in the media because the public don’t know.


To be fair, there are certainly Jews who do not participate in these atrocities and who in fact have been whistle-blowers: Drs. Avir Kagan, David Leichter, Fersko, William Hyman, and many others. Unfortunately, their voices tend to be lost in the noise.




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons):



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Von Larry Romanoff, 02. Juni 2020

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Diese Geschichte hat alle Voraussetzungen, um sich für eine Verschwörungstheorie zu qualifizieren und macht vielleicht keinen Sinn für Sie ohne einige Hintergrundinformationen über den Zusammenhang.

Bevor die USA in den Ersten Weltkrieg eintraten, wurde eine enorme, jahrelange antideutsche Propagandakampagne von der Creel-Kommission entfesselt, die von Walter Lippman und Edward Bernays geleitet wurde, letzterer war ein Neffe von Sigmund Freud. (1) (2) Die öffentliche Literatur griff alles Deutsche in Amerika an, auch Schulen und Kirchen. In vielen Schulen wurde den "reinen Amerikanern" verboten, die deutsche Sprache zu unterrichten, und die Verwalter wurden aufgefordert, "alle illoyalen Lehrer", also alle Deutschen, zu entlassen. Die Namen unzähliger Städte wurden geändert, um ihren deutschen Ursprung zu eliminieren: Berlin, Iowa wurde zu Lincoln, Iowa. Deutsche Lebensmittel und Namen von Gerichten wurden aus den Restaurants verbannt; Sauerkraut wurde zu "Freiheitskraut", Dackel wurden zu "Freiheitshunden" und Deutsche Schäferhunde zu "Elsässern".


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Larry Romanoff,

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'When China Sneezes'

When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis

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